Let us buy more than 7 at one time from the Wyze website

I’ve 2 houses and several workshops/garages. Even limiting deployment to “inside looking out” I need MORE CAMS.
I realize that some people may have been “buying in bulk” for resale but that is too bad. @rbruceporter reported

Why can’t Wyze sell us more whereas 3rd party can sell more cheaper?
At $20/camera I was expecting failures after the 30 day return window and by the 1 yr warranty. Having followed this board closely since March the cameras seem to be pretty darn rugged. I’d like to see it possible to buy larger quantities on each order.

The deals like the one I quoted are out there but not always and not necessarily when you need them. Andy does a LOT of business with that seller which helps. But I get your point. Volume discounts kick in usually at 100+ units at this price point. (Guessing as I don’t have my spy cam working in Wyze’s headquarters, the stream keeps timing out :grin::grin:)

But I actually paid more than 20 when I bought my last couple from Amazon. Right now there are none to be had direct from Amazon just 3rd party sellers. But I get free shipping so it was pretty much a wash.

I’m not so much wanting a discount but wanting freedom to buy the quantity I or someone with houses like mine need to monitor the four sides, a garage, a play area, etc. Plus I like to keep what I call a “hot spare” or two so I can swap out a problem cam without buying one and waiting for delivery.
With two cams on each corner that takes about 15 cameras.

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You can, just fill out more than one order. Nothing stopping you. The cap is I believe a per order not per person one. I may be wrong but if so order more in your wife’s name or brother or whatever :grinning:

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I have, but that is a workaround that should not be needed.
Maybe you have not noticed but the per camera shipping cost declines when you order more, up to 7.
And how can you be wrong?
Your the Forum Maven.


Not sure why the limit to be honest. Something to ask Wyze. But as far as not being wrong, I was out the day they were handing out infallibility cloaks so I am still fully mortal.

We implemented the limit because of the reseller concerns. Because of this, we likely won’t go back on it but we’ll keep an eye on this thread to see how much traction it gets. :slight_smile:


That makes sense. Amazon and eBay resellers are known for buying 100’s if not 1000’s of items then marking them up etc.

This doesn’t make sense to me - if you set the price point correctly so that you are making money off of bulk orders (at the very least decrease packaging and shipping cost, good for environment as well as seller/consumer), then what does it matter if someone resells? The company already made their profit, they have reduced waste in packaging and carbon foot print of multiple orders being processed and delivered…I see no downside???

Yes its true there will be a few people who are unscrupulous resellers and customers will contact Wyze looking for support for an order that can’t be rendered, but that is true of almost any product out there…buyer beware! I see it as unjustifiable reason to limit customers who want bulk orders (to save on money, packaging, deliveries) just to protect a random few consumers who didnt read the fine print and made the choice to not purchase direct.

Well now it’s been more than a year and the same magic number appears to exist as a limit to a one time order.

Happily I’ve been wrong about their failure rate ( knock on wood ).

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