Multi pack deals

Is there any thought about offering a multi pack camera deal at a reduced price. Or possibly a multi pack camera deal that includes SD cards. Just a thought.

Honestly the single camera is such a deal I can’t imagine them being able to sell at any discount unless you were a reseller, i.e., purchasing hundreds or thousands… and even then the unit cost would probably be around $15

Perhaps Wyze can offer reduced shipping or free shipping when ordering a certain number of cameras. These cameras are like potato chips once you get one it’s hard to stop from getting more.

I agree, my last order was for 6 cameras and paid over $25 in shipping. There should be a break on multiple cameras.

Okay, really? Even at $26 (with shipping) this camera is nearly 1/3 the price of the same camera (with different app support) from one company (iSmartAlarm Spot @ $70.00) & equal in price if not cheaper than another (Xiaomi Xiaofang Camera @ $27-50).

I can go into a long diatribe about how they can afford to do this, but that is beside the point. You are buying a discount piece of tech. Wanting further discounts is either naive or greedy. The $20 price point is a marketing move. The actual price of the device is $25.98. Putting $25.98 on an item doesn’t really sell the item nearly as much as $20. They likely did ran the numbers and realized that on average (with shipping), they needed to sell for something around $26. They likely also did market research and found that a camera at the $20 price point would sell phenomenally well, even compared to a $25 price point camera. Put all that together and you have a $26 camera listed as a $20 camera + shipping.

For this set of specs and features, you actually can’t beat the price and while I have been one of the harshest critics of Wyze in the past, I can honestly say that they are making efforts to do what is right.

Hi guys , i would like to know why is it that on amazon its 5 to 10 dollars more , around there more or less more expensive then it is on here for both cams ,wyze pan cam is 37.99 and the regular cam is 25.98 , and it states that wyze labs . , is the seller ,. Thanks in advance .

If you buy 1 Wyze Cam v2 from Wyze it’s $19.99 + $5.99 shipping ($25.98 total). From Amazon it’s $25.98 + free shipping ($25.98 total).

Total cost is the same either way. Wyze may actually make less money selling through Amazon because Amazon takes a cut.

If you order 2 cameras from Wyze you’ll see the cost doubles to $39.98 but the shipping only goes up to $8.90 ($2.91 more). 3 cameras increases shipping to $11.06 (only $2.16 more). So there is a small discount of sorts for ordering more than 1 camera from Wyze.

Thanks for getting back to me that does make more sense ,.