Do you people think WyzeCam is really for $20? I don't think it is

Every time I hear about Wyzecam, I also hear the “it’s only for $20!” phrase. But is that actually true?
I honestly think that is one big lie.
Their website’s shipping rate is way more expensive compared to other websites, and they don’t offer Free Shipping when you spend a certain amount of money (like the majority of other websites do as well), and the most ridiculous thing is the fact that the shipping price increase with every single camera you add to your cart!

and if you tried to buy it from Amazon, it’s ~$25.
So the real price is around that: ~$25, and NOT $20.
Why do people still think it’s actually $20?

So whenever they mention it’s “ONLY $20,” I call bs. Not that it is a huge difference, but it’s not a very “clean” marketing technique.


The camera is $19.99.
Shipping is $5.99.

Everything has a shipping cost.


I’m afraid I don’t understand the reasoning behind your post.

What is your point?

The price of a WYZE cam is what WYZE decides to charge for it … plain and simple.

If you think shipping is free on anything you buy onine, you better start your own shipping company … because USPS, FEDEX and UPS don’t ship anything for free. Call the various shipping companies and ask them if they ship anything for free.

Since I’ve owned several WIFI cameras that cost 6 or 7 times what WYZE charges for its products, I can’t really understand what you are trying to say.


Whether it is a $20 camera or a $25 camera, it is still darn cheap for such an excellent device!

Why bicker about a meager amount?

And FWIW, I think $6 is actually reasonable for shipping and handling fees!


Actually, in reality Amazon often charges TWICE for shipping, and rarely gives it for free. Take the Wyze Cam as an example. It is $25.99 w/‘free’ shipping on Amazon. It is $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping for a total of a penny LESS on Wyze. Because the shipping price is rolled into the device price on Amazon, you pay tax on shipping. You don’t pay tax on shipping when they are separate. If your total on Amazon is less than $25 for an item that has shipping already invisibly added, then you pay for shipping again. If you are a Prime member, then you’ve already paid for shipping, but they still charge you the shipping-included price. If you write a review that alerts people to any of the above, then the review won’t be approved.

So rail against THAT, not the best camera for the money on the market, shipping & tax included!


So, buy directly from Wyze. Even if you don’t like Wyze anything you can do to prevent Bezos from wetting his beak is a good thing.


I paid $75 AUD for my cameras, more for the Pan obviously. Seeing that $25 USD is about $34 AUD, Im wondering why we are paying $30 USD more for the product, that’s an insane mark up. BTW the $75 AUD includes shipping. The price remains the same no matter how many cameras you buy in the one shipment.

Considering Wyze only ships to the US, I’m going to speculate you bought your cameras through Amazon. Please keep in mind, Amazon has been selling Wyze cameras to non-US customers without Wyze’s consent or authorization. They have been specifically asked not to do that, but have been anyways.


Bezos! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Everyone understands (or should) there is always additional costs everything, no matter what the advertised price.


I understand what f.catus is saying but if you are not in the business of online sales you might not understand how things actually work. Most likely Wyze uses a third party logistics, 3PL, to managing their shipping as handling it themselves would add extra overhead and costs. A 3PL charges a fee for each unit is ships and then the actual shipping fee. This is most likely why you don’t get a large multi-piece discount when you order more then one but they ship in the same size box.

I think every one here is pretty happy with the cost that they paid, even if it isn’t a $20 to your door step. I can’t find anything that competes with as much support as Wyze near the same costs. Now if they would just come out with a dedicated outdoor rated camera.


Thanks everyone for the replies. I understand that Wyze doesn’t ship to Aus, I brought off Amazon because I wanted that product and to support Wyze. I am disappointed that they don’t ship to Aus and don’t want amazonn to do it, I don’t know why. But I do know there are a lot of people out here that won’t pay that price and will go with the cheaper knock offs. And if you don’t think that’s a risk then ask the hundreds of startups that have been bankrupted by knock offs. Maybe you should consider expanding?


What it all boils down to is - are you willing to pay $X for the ENTIRE PACKAGE (this includes the hardware, the software, the community, the forum, the support) for what the camera is SUPPOSED to do WHEN you buy it.
I’m looking forward to RTSP and MaxDrive but the PACKAGE now does more than what I bought it for, what with multi-window.

Large is relative, but you do get a shipping discount for multiple cameras in the same order. For example, when I ordered 10, they were about 7% less per unit after shipping than a single one.


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That’s why I ordered 4,
How or when did you manage to order 10?
page won’t let me order more than 7.

It was in 2017. Might have changed since then.

I was but there are tradeoffs.

Will RTSP continue to be developed?

We don’t have the resources to keep developing two branches of firmware for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan. This means that the RTSP branch will be upgraded infrequently. Adapting to RTSP the version will prevent the camera from supporting any future functionality additions, such as A.I. for Human/Animal/Vehicle recognition, event video tagging, further stability improvements, and bug fixes.


If you want to start talking about total cost you could also say that without a $10 microSD card you’re not getting the full functionality, so it’s really $19.99 + $9.99 + $5.99 = $35.97… plus tax…and continue with custom mounting hardware, longer USB cables, spray paint, or whatever else you need to create the complete package for your application.

@f.catus I agree that “it’s only $20” is not accurate, and I never say that when recommending Wyze to my friends and family. I tell them they can get “several cams for under $100 with no subscription fees” and that alone is usually enough to get their attention compared to any other product on the market. In reality 3 cams + 3 SD cards + shipping comes to $103.97, so it’s a pretty realistic estimate. You can also buy SD cards cheaper elsewhere and come in well below $100. If they just want one cam to test I usually say it’s “about $35” including SD card.

However, I’ve never seen advertising with “under $20” as the biggest selling point (and I’ve never seen official advertising from Wyze at all), so that may be more of a problem with third parties who are promoting it.


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