Why is shipping so high?

These arr light items. Went to add on items and it’s almost $20 for shipping. Is there an affordable shipping method I’m missing?

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Hey camfan

The topic I link below has a lot of discussion about shipping costs. The link takes you to comment 43 of 52. Cheers!

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Amazon Prime shipping is free and often next day delivery. Same camera price. OOPS. WRONG. Amazon price is about $6 higher.

Or, it costs $119 a year for Amazon Prime shipping, & you pay for shipping AGAIN in the price of the camera because it is already rolled in. Oh yeah – because shipping is already rolled into the price of the device, you pay TAX on that shipping as well.

Just posting for alternate choices. You do make a good point, but many already have Amazon Prime, I was wrong about one thing. The price on Amazon Prime is about $6 higher, but overnight delivery tempers that. If you’re as impatient as I am, I think it’s worth it.