Shipping Charges

I guess I’m in the minority here, but I feel I’m being nickel and dimed by sales tax and shipping. My $48.96 order became $67.20 after tax and shipping. I think a 37% increase in my order cost is a little ridiculous.

I have purchased many items over several orders, and it always surprises me. I know Wyze is still relatively new, but most companies work shipping into the price now, and if you go over a certain amount shipping is free. I don’t expect sales tax to work any differently, but I believe more shipping options are in order. At least offer a lesser charge for a slower delivery, like most companies.

Otherwise, wonderful product!

I am not sure on shipping but I am guessing sales tax is out of their hands, I am fairly positive they can’t do anything with that.

I think it’s been published here before by a Wyze employee. They are aware of the shipping charges being a pain, but they have not figured out what to do about it.
Look at the pricing and packaging on the V2’s -
Max order at once is 7. WHY 7 units?? They are little cubes, 8 would make a tighter package. As far as “slower delivery” most people complain they want it quicker.
I’m pretty sure they are not making much if anything on s&h. My last batch shipping cost was $17.24 for 7 V2’s or about 13%.
That’s 7 cameras for about $160.

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Buy them via Amazon, if you are a Prime member the shipping is free.


The price of the cameras are usually around $26 on Amazon but sometimes it’s discounted. I noticed the price of shipping doesn’t really decrease much when you buy multiple products too.

It varies by seller as does shipping if its not a “Fulfilled by Amazon” seller. But you generally do not get volume discounts. My buddy just bought about 10 V2’s via Amazon for 18USD per with free shipping. He got them in 2 days. However that seller has no remaining inventory. One of those you have to watch the offers and read the fine print CAREFULLY each time.

Oh yeah I meant if you buy directly from Amazon not the third party sellers.

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That’s an idea, but now Wyze products are carried by Home Depot so that may be an option


You can’t get around taxes and they’ve gone over their shipping costs. There’s a set cost per box and you can add more up to a certain point without having to add any more to the shipping cost. Unlike say Amazon, Wyze does not have several distribution hubs across the US, which helps keep shipping costs low for Amazon.

True, my last cam from Amazon was priced thusly.

This is akin to comparing apple to ball bearings… Wyze is a small company trying to offer great products at extremely reasonable prices. Amazon is a Mega sized company, tons of outlets and more money than I can fathom… To expect Wyze to compete in that arena is foolish. I am a 100% backer of Wyze, their business plan and their products… I buy from Amazon simply because it is financially advantageous to do so. My advice, back the little guy, in this case Wyze and you will help benefit millions of customers.


I do back Wyze, not sure what gave you the idea I don’t. Buying their product from an authorized retailer IS supporting them. On small orders like I would do a company like Wyze makes LESS on small direct orders per unit when you factor in the handling and personnel costs. Business school 101 it’s why companies like Amazon exist.

I’m sorry, this in no way was directed to you, I was just expressing my opinion.

No offense takin :grinning:

Yeah I doubt this is true. They still have to pack and ship them to Amazon, who in turn ships them to you. Amazon is in business because they undercut everybody else’s price, and make it really convenient to shop there.

I will go out of may way to give my business directly to a small company, if at all possible and reasonable. Admittedly Amazon makes that really hard sometimes. Not a fan of what Amazon has done to the retail / shipping landscape. I still purchase from them all the time, but I actively try not to.

Don’t have to take my word for it. Look for yourself. I posted my charges above. I paid more for the camera from Amazon than the 19.95 Wyze is charging. But I wanted it faster than Wyze could deliver. So I was willing to pay more. And on a per unit basis the shipping is MUCH cheaper for Wyze to cross ship 10,000 units to Home Depot or Amazon than to ship one or two at a time to you and I.

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That’s fair and totally up to you. But it has nothing to do with your OP stating that it’s better for Wyze for consumers to buy from Amazon, or that “Wyze makes less money per unit” for consumers to buy direct from them, as opposed to Amazon.

I don’t disagree that on per unit basis it’s cheaper to ship more than less. But Wyze is not charging Home Depot or Amazon shipping charges… like they are you and I. Also HD and Amazon are certainly not paying retail price for the units they are selling.

HD and Amazon open up bigger market for them to move more units. But I really, really doubt they are making more per unit on those sales, as they are on the direct sales.

Ok guess we will have to agree to disagree. The old make it up in volume myth has been fully laid to rest by better minds than either of us.

Buying a companies product from ANY authorized vendor IS supporting that company just as much as buying direct. Every company I have ever worked for that sold products always preferred to sell through a fulfillment center such as Amazon, or a retail partner such as Home Depot. There are internal costs to handling product especially to a company like Wyze which is a value add company. They don’t make the camera, they create the firmware and phone applications. They do NOT build the cameras.

So I would truly be surprised to hear anyone from Wyze say they want to touch the hardware. I am sure they are working towards reducing the necessity of even seeing the hardware. Once a product is in full scale production they don’t need to.

So for Wyze the actual profit per unit tends to actually be more from a retail partner because of the economies of scale a company like Amazon or Home Depot or Walmart bring to the table.

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Agree. Wyze is definitely overcharging on shipping. Appears Wyze is profiting on the shipping charges so they can advertise a lower product cost. Leaves me feeling bad about Wyze even though they have a great product.

I hesitate to agree with your assumption that they’re making money on the shipping, it could be that you’re right but I would like to assume that you are not. As you said Wyze is a great company and they don’t ask a lot of money for a really wonderful product I have faith that they will always try to do the right thing