Multi Item Shipping Discounts

Just a suggestion, but I think it would be beneficial for Wyze as well as their third party shipper to set up shipping discounts on multiple items being shipped to the same address. It is very common in retail sales and I feel it would promote further sales.

This already exists. When you purchase multiple items at once, the shipping charges are less than the sum of the individual charges. For example, the shipping for a V2 by itself is $5.99. The shipping for a Pan Cam is $7.99. This adds up to $13.98. But if both item are purchased in one order, the shipping is $11.98.

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Funny but when I compare that to what I could buy them for on Amazon, Call me stupid but when you compare your discounted shipping policy to what I can get them for on Amazon, I lose exactly $.36 per camera on an order of 3 of the V2 model cameras. I think you could and would WANT TO IMPROVE this fact is all I am saying. Please feel free to reference my source below:

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This something a lot of people comment on. But everyone seems to ignore that with Amazon you are paying $10 a month or more. Wyze does not charge that monthly fee. If you don’t buy anything from Amazon for a month you still pay the membership fee.

So comparing Amazon to a non membership option is flawed to begin with. $0.36 is no savings when you factor in the monthly fee. And to compare apples to apples you have to compare JUST buying the cams on Amazon vs Wyze as not everyone that buys from Amazon will have the same buying patterns.


It was merely a suggestion. Obviously it is not one that you approve. Thats ok. In summation however, a LOT of people are already paying a monthly fee on Amazon, why not take advantage of it here (as pointed out)? Im of the opinion that WYZE has a choice here to improve this area of service and in all likeliness, improve sales! Im done, so there is no need for a reply at this point on your part. Have a nice day :blush:

The typical price on Amazon is the same price as buying one camera on the website. That means when you buy multiples, it’s cheaper on the Wyze website than it is through Amazon.

I guess you’re comparing it to the cheapest reseller on Amazon, which probably varies day by day. The resellers operate kinda like eBay sellers, so they don’t really have anything to do with Wyze. It looks like right now, the cheapest one is $23.99, but the estimated arrival is 3-6 weeks. I’d rather pay 36 cents to have it in a few days, personally. There are 2 others that beat the “official” listing price by a few cents, but they’re both backordered.

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I figured I could give some answers here while I’m in the thread!

We sell our products with very thin margins and our shipping costs cover shipping, handling, and processing. We aren’t making any money on that. It’s the money we give to the warehouse to have them ship your order.

While we do keep an eye out for opportunities to further save money for our customers, building in a discount system like what is being discussed here would quickly add up to us losing money on the sale due to the limited profit buffer. When we launched, we decided that it was better to keep low costs at all times than to fluff the price to the point where it is easy for us to do discounts.

Now that we’re bigger, we are looking into specific promotions and such that we can run short-term to give discounts to our customers but it would be a poor business strategy (to put it mildly) for us to have them active all the time.

Is there anything you would like for me to clarify?


No ma’am! You have been very clear and I thank you!


My pleasure. Have a lovely day! :slight_smile:


Early in the string, Loki, replied “When you purchase multiple items at once, the shipping charges are less than the sum of the individual charges.” However I am purchasing 2 Wyze Bands and the shipping is double the cost to ship one. The same thing happened when I purchased a Wyze Band and a Wyze Cam. Don’t get me wrong, the Wyze Band is an incredible product which is why I’m coming back to buy more for wife and granddaughter. Even with the double charge it is a great value.