Sudden shipping price hike

Did anyone notice a recent shipping price hike all of a sudden? Just a few days ago, getting a V2 and a Pan Cam would have cost $8.98, today it cost $11.98 for the same items and quantity to the same address. That’s a $3.00 increase.

And the shipping for one V2 and two Cam Pan was $11.50, today is $14.50. Shipping method says “Ground Shipping 4-7 business days”. I am ordering over $200 products here, why wouldn’t they come up with a promotion for Free Shipping for a certain amount on purchase?

So much for a $20 and $30 security camera.

Maybe Wyze is dumping Mail Innovations for delivery - we can only hope!


True. Just placed a $200+ order this morning, hope that the shipment would arrive more timely this time.

I just put four V2s in a shopping basket and shipping was $12.97. I’m on the east coast US.


So just over $3 a piece.



Yes if they dump Mail Innovations then it would be worth the price adjustment.

Sad really when one considers commercial USPS Priority medium flat rate box at commercial rates to cost about 13 bucks and ships to most locations 2-3 days. A medium size box would likely hold at least 8-10 standard cams. Even cheaper yet regional USPS Priority flat rate shipping.


Does Wyze have any plans to sell their products on Amazon in the future? Would love to get the free 2-day shipping with my prime membership. I wanted to get a couple of the new Wyze Pans but shipping came out to be like +$14 ish. It would be great if they had a free shipping promo for ordering over X amount of dollars.

Available @ amazon for higher prices.

Honestly, I like Wyzecam’s pricing strategy. Its about managing costs. I believe Wyzecam is following the pricing where they are splitting the costs while pricing a product and telling you our product costs $20 or $30 and rest of the costs shipping etc will be directly passed over to the buyer.

You will end up paying more on Amazon if you purchase multiple cameras because the shipping price is included in the product price. If you bought directly from Wyze, the shipping price goes down the more you purchase in one order. But I agree that it could be great if Wyze did a free shipping deal, maybe if we purchased so many at once it could be free shipping.

I don’t like this pricing strategy because basically it’s a lie. Sellers do this all the time on eBay and it’s so annoying! We live in a day and age where free shipping is almost the norm and companies that follow this practice get my repeat business.

I bought a Pam Cam and a v2 Cam plus a micro SD card from Amazon. Only $1.00 more from Amazon. But I’m not going to leave Amazon for $1.00. Plus the return policy at Amazon is so trouble free.

3 V2’s and 3 Pan Cam’s

From Amazon . $191.88

From Wyze, $171.49


This is due to the reduced shipping price when you order multiple cameras directly from Wyze. But if you were only going to buy one camera then I’d suggest ordering from Amazon, because it’s the same price as from Wyze.

Yes it is ,The same price ,But if you want to buy more Then 3 you’re out of luck on Amazon 'cause they have a limit of 3 you can buy there .

The shipping price goes up the more you order, not down :frowning:

Shipping cost on each individual cam goes down the more you order