Shipping cost for Pan is $7.99 vs $5.99 for Cam


Any reason why for the cam pan I will need to pay $8 just for shipping?

Comparing to the regular cam shipping cost we are talking about 33% increase ($7.99 vs $5.99).



WYZE seems to be calculating postage for the Pan Camera based on your zip code, instead of a fixed amount. I was charged $10.51 for shipping for two Pan cameras to Connecticut. Very worth it since I will have two new cameras for only around $35 bucks delivered! Still a great buy!

I noticed this also. I still pulled the trigger :slight_smile:

The Wyze Cam Pan is a larger size so it does not fit in the same boxes the Wyze Cam v1 and v2 fit in. Please also note it is heavier than the other Wyze Cams as well, and that cost includes Shipping & Handling, not just shipping.

Thanks! Let me know if you have any further questions!

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I paid $12.49 to ship 3 to CT (had the same $10.51 when I was going to order just two). For an extra $1.99 shipping only I guess I had to order the third cam.

Yep, contrary to popular belief, elves do no turn the camera :slight_smile: The new model is much heavier because it contains motors.

Actually only $2 more for shipping is a bargain.


I saw that when I ordered my Pan. The last 2 Wyzecam V2’s I ordered a couple of weeks ago the shipping was $9.96 shipped to Florida. That was ok but it took 8 days to get here from Seattle! That UPS shipping… that is really handled by the Post Office, is s l o w.

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As with their other cameras, the shipping price goes down the more camera’s you purchase. So right now buying directly from them is less expensive than from Amazon.

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Yes, UPS Mail Innovations is horrible. My cams are in town now, but it will take the post office four more days to figure out how to get them to my mailbox. Wyze, for the inflated shipping costs, please spare us from USPS.

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"Wyze, for the inflated shipping costs, please spare us from USPS."
From your post to gods ears! USPS is the worst shipping ever. If they went back to using horses like in 1775, that would be an improvement.