Amazon Prime Availability

Hi Wyze,

Any ETA when we can start ordering the cam pan from Amazon?


My guess is a couple of weeks, so in the near future for sure. =)

Thanks - any idea when it will be available as Prime?

You’re better off buying the cameras directly from Wyzecam, if you are ordering more than one camera because the shipping cost is reduced the more cameras you purchase. On Amazon you will pay more even with free Prime shipping.

Price won’t be $30. Probably $38 ?


My guess is correct $38 @ amazon :

That’s Wyze selling / shipping on Amazon…its just 29.99+7.99 = free shipping.

Which is still better than when I had gotten my first WyzeCam v2 directly from, Instead of 19.99+4.99=24.98, it was $25.98. And, on top of that, Amazon added sales tax to the total.

Seems strange for to have done this, this kind of weird pricing is what I’d expect for an FBA seller. Its why I bought my later two v2’s and the pan from here.

Though it was annoying that UPS-MI gave no estimate ever as to when I would receive it, changed the tracking number with the post office, which also couldn’t give any estimate on delivery (even though it was either same day or next day depending on whether it was received before the after the carrier starts…)

At least I could get a microSD either as free same day or free one day depending on when I order…

The Dreamer.