Wyze V2 Cam for $9.99 by ordering through Alexa

EDIT: This deal is now officially showing up as “EXPIRED” because it “SOLD OUT” within a few hours as there was a huge demand for a $10 camera.

Thought some other Wyze lovers would appreciate the heads up:

Amazon is currently offering one Wyze V2 cam if you order through Alexa. The stipulation is that you must order using Alexa Voice Shopping for Prime Members only. You can’t use the website, or the Amazon Shopping app to do it, you have to use ALEXA, but can do it through an Echo Dot, Echo Show, Fire TV, or the Alexa App on your phone. You just say:

Alexa, order a Wyze Camera

Some people have had to specify and say “Wyze Cam 1080p Indoor” or something instead because Alexa kept trying to do the pan cam for them, but the above is what worked for me.

After you say “Alexa, order a Wyze Camera” she will tell you the normal cost and tell you that after the discount she applies for ordering through her it will only cost $9.99. You then tell Alexa “Buy it Now” and she will order it for you (or you can go finish the order through the website or Amazon app after Alexa has added it…the discount will show up during CHECKOUT, not in your cart).

You can go back and check your order and see that it applied the discount and only charged $9.99 + tax. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can go into the order and change the payment method or cancel the order or whatever you want, so there is no risk to try ordering through Alexa. If you’re interested just do it, if you are worried, you cancel it afterward for a full refund with no questions asked.

If you have Prime, why not get a $10 Wyze Cam V2? Since there is no shipping, that’s over $15 off (60% off)! I picked up another one for myself.

No idea when the offer will end, It worked for me on 10/15/20.


Was just gonna post this… Got mine :grin:

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Sold out!

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On the other hand it is offering me two Yis for $34.99.

Oh well, time to disable Alexa ordering again. Never a good idea to leave it on.

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I used the Amazon Alexa app (not the Amazon shopping app) on my phone and it worked just fine.

Also, some people having trouble doing this have asked:

Alexa, what are my deals

And supposedly it then lists the Wyze deal for them.

Though I guess Customer says it’s sold out now. That sucks.

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yeah, it worked with the alexa app, but i think you needed to have at least one other amazon device paired with it.

regardless, it was sold out by the time i go to it

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Ah, yes, this makes a lot of sense as to why so many other people were having problems then. I did have an Echo paired to my account already. Good insight.

Crazy how it said the deal would continue through 10/18/20, and it was sold out within less than 24 hrs. Someone really underestimated the demand a $10 security camera would have! And it was limited to 1 per account too (lots of people tried ordering a bunch).

I wonder if Wyze is trying to empty a lot of their V2 stock in preparation for launching the V3’s they’ve been working on?


Alexa said sold out :disappointed:

I was sad to see it was sold out by the time I got to it too, but I like your thinking about getting ready for the V3, I think you are onto something there


Sold out. :rage: