Alexa and WYZE a match made in heaven! Your thoughts!

Two Ex-Amazon employees decided to build a $20.00 security camera called WYZE Cam and now they allow it to be viewed by Amazon Alexa! (They must have left on good terms!) Why spend $120.0 on a Amazon Cloud Camera or $200 on Piper Camera! My Amazon Dot is located next to my bed, I have a WYZE ($20.00) camera located on my front window looking at my front door. I have another ($20.00) WYZE camera in my children’s room. Now from my bed I can ask Alexa to show me who is knocking at my front door or to see if the children are asleep. I tried it on my Amazon Fire Stick and works! I can view any car or person coming to my house right from my Giant screen TV!

My thoughts are - way too many people are complaining about what a $20 camera doesn’t do - you know, there are other cameras out there that do the things many want - they just cost a ton more.

I’m excited about the Alexa addition. I have 2 Google home minis (I think that’s what they’re called) and tye gives me the weather, lets me make a list and can give me a limited amount of facts - I did not buy them, they were a gift.

I also have several Amazon Fire Sticks - though I have no idea how to set them up to view my Wyze Cams.

I’ve had my Wyze Cams for a couple of months now. I’ve had a couple of problems, but a couple were operator error and I’m still working on one, however, I’m still delighted I could find cameras that do as much as these do for the price.

Just my 2 cents!

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Does this mean we will abandon Wyzecam V1 for future integrations?

The WYZE Cam V2

• Stay connected 24/7 - Catch activities as they happen in 1080p Full HD. Watch, and share motion alert video clips for free.

• Notifications – Get notified when your WYZE camera sees activity. Check in anytime or watch motion clips on the WYZE mobile app.

• See clearly in the dark - Night vision lets you detect what’s happening around the clock. Turn on/off night vision LEDs in the App.

• Two-way audio - Check in with the family or tell your dog to stop barking.

• Get intelligent alerts and advanced features.

• Works with Alexa - Just ask Alexa to show your live feed on your Amazon Fire TV, Fire Tablet, Echo Show, or Echo Spot.

• WYZE Cam is always getting smarter with more advanced alerts, detection, and features. Just announced: works with Alexa!

• Magnetic base with metal plate and sticker.

• Remember our camera does the same thing there camera does for a lot less.

• Only $19.99! We know a good product when we see one, because we are Ex-employees of Amazon. Ha Ha Ha!

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I just installed the skill right now and camera is working perfect with Alexa, Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.

Thanks for this. I thought this skill was available only with the Echo Show. Hopefully the Amazon Fire TV goes on sale tomorrow (Prime Day) and I’ll be on it.

I’m going to ask what may sound like a really dumb question, but humor me - I don’t have an Alexa. What do you do with Alexa and a Wyze camera? Since the Alexa is strictly an audio device, what do you do with a camera by way of Alexa?


K6CCC, why is Alexa and WYZE a good match? I’m a retired Audio Visual Technician. Some Alexa devices do not have audio and vide capability. But a inexpensive way to get into the Alexa game is through a Amazon Fire TV Stick for your TV. I have seen the stick drop as low as 19.99 (normal price is $39.99). Now with your 19.99 WYZE camera and Amazon Fire Stick, and Alexa, you can ask Alexa by voice to show you your WYZE Camera on TV. My 199.00 Piper can not do that. Watching your TV, you suddenly get a alert your WYZE went off, Tell Alexa to view camera, an there you go. Your audio and video go hand in hand. That is why I think Alexa and WYZE go together.

I’ll have to take your word on it. Until five minutes ago, a “Fire Stick” was a Christmas light display element. I now know that there is an Amazon Fire Stick and apparently it is used for streaming video. Since the TV in this room has no ability to connect to one, and my internet is not fast enough for streaming video (at least with it being anything above torture), I don’t expect to go buy one - even if it goes super killer price on Prime Day.


The fire stick isn’t supported by Wyze/Alexa yet. I have several fire sticks and love them/and love my Wyze cams - but they’re not a match yet. Hopefully in the future. Other Amazon Alexa devices are supported.

Iris, Do you have the Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa? That is what I have and it works great! And the Amazon Day Deal it is only $19.99 with Prime shipping! $19.99 for WYZE camera and 19.99 for Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa! Who could ask for anything more!

Basic questions… To make the FireStick work I need to download skill to my Alexa Dot? What is it called?


When watching TV Wyze would then pop up an alert on my screen no matter video source/channel

I was watching?



randalcormier I do have a fire stick with Alexa - 3 as a matter of fact. I downloaded the skill and Alexa found the cameras but couldn’t connect. Someone on one of the other forum subjects posted a copy of the original email from Wyzecam stating the new Alexa match up didn’t support fire stick.

I did pay considerably more for my fire sticks - tempted to buy another just because they’re so cheap today.

I would LOVE to know how you got yours to work.

Is the v1 camera going to be supported eventually with the Alexa integration? If not, I am going to be very annoyed that I bought 4 early on, and probably hold a severe grudge. I’ve told a lot of people how great these cams are, leading to (v2!) sales, but the NPS is going to plummet if v1 doesn’t get the same services.

I would like to know how you got yours to work also .

I don’t have a fire stick but considering buying one they are 19.99 today

I have an echo dot ,I don’t use it much but , question, can I control the fire stick with voice through the dot??.


This is what I posted in the other thread ,copied from email Wyze sent out ,note in bold

Questions You Might Have

Q: Which Alexa-enabled devices work with Wyze?
A: All Alexa-enabled devices connected to a screen will work with the Wyze skill. For example:Echo Show
Echo Spot
Fire TV HD and Fire TV 4K
Fire Stick is temporarily incompatible with Wyze
Q: How does Alexa work?
A: Alexa is the cloud-based voice service from Amazon. Alexa is the brain behind Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices. Using Alexa is as simple as asking a question—just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly.

Q: What is an Alexa Skill?
A: Skills add new capabilities that allow you to create a more personalized experience with your Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, and other Alexa-enabled devices. Skills let you receive flash briefings, order food, request a ride, track your fitness, and more.

Q: What Wyze devices work with Alexa?
A: Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan work with Alexa. Wyze Cam v1 does not work with Alexa.


I wholeheartedly agree. If this is true I will do everything in my power to tell people how they abandoned their product in less than a year of its introduction.

“<b>Fire Stick is temporarily incompatible with WYZE!”</b>

<b>“Correction Amazon Fire TV stick without Alexa. This model is incompatible with any WYZE camera.”</b>

The answer is confusing just like the WYZE V1 does not work!

Amazon came out with a Fire TV stick! This model (call it Version 1) is incompatible with any WYZE camera.

But Amazon came out with Fire TV Stick with Alexa (call it Version 2) it is compatible with WYZE V2 camera.

Don’t get mad a WYZE because for 19.99 they will sell you new camera with version 2!

Try to get Amazon to give you a new Fire TV stick with Alexa for the same price you paid for your Amazon Fire stick!


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Thanks for the clarification I will just get A fire stick with Alexa They no longer sell The older model anyway

I found that the fire stick And the echo dot do work together so you can control the fire stick with echo dot with your voice

Thanks for the clarification. However, all 3 of my fire sticks have Alexa - so tell me how you got yours to working. Am I just not holding my mouth right? :slight_smile:


What was abandoned? It has the same feature set a year later, probably more features actually. At an unbelievable price.

As to upgraded models appearing each year and support for legacy models phasing out - Apple, Samsung, Motorola all use that business model on devices costing hundreds or a thousand dollars more than the the Wyze Cam cost.