Digital Trends: Wyze’s new smart home security camera, the Wyze Cam v2, gains Al

From Digital Trends:

The upcoming Wyze Cam v2, the latest version of the affordable smart home security camera from Wyze Labs, will be getting a firmware upgrade in March that will add Alexa functionality and allow actions through IFTTT.

With the upgrade, users will be able to view their Wyze Cam on any Alexa-enabled device that has a screen. During viewing, the Motion Tagging feature will detect and highlight movement in live-stream and replay modes, making it easier to tell who or what may have triggered the motion alert.

The image quality will also be improved, thanks to a powerful new CMOS sensor that will provide better clarity and smoother 1080p HD footage both day and night. Users can also expect better sound quality, due to a new Class-K audio power amplifier and new audio chip that help to reduce electro-magnetic interference. As for the aesthetics of the camera, the new Wyze Cam will have a non-reflective matte finish, in contrast to the original version’s glossy finish.

The Wyze Cam v2 will still have all of its predecessor’s features, including live-streaming capabilities that allow users to view what’s happening in real time and to take pictures or record video directly to a smartphone. Users will have free access to saved motion-triggered alert videos for 14 days, and the WyzeCam uploads the encrypted videos to the AWS cloud. Want to record all footage at all times? Simply insert a microSD card, and the camera will record continuous footage, automatically overwriting older files once the card is full.

Users can also move the Wyze Cam v2 to different rooms or record from different spots in the house, thanks to the 3-axis design that allows the security camera to be swiveled or raised in any direction. The WyzeCam comes equipped with smart sound recognition, which means it will recognize the sound of a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector going off and immediately send you an alert about the emergency.

The price remains unchanged — you can still get the Wyze Cam for $20. The WyzeCam v2 will begin shipping by the end of February.

The WyzeCam is the first product from Wyze Labs, which was founded by former Amazon employees in Seattle.

Wow! Amazing!

When will I be getting mine, its been a month since ordering mine ???

I got fooled by the truncated title. I thought it ended with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

My bad! Alexa functionality. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi heshie75v!

Here’s our second update from our CEO and Co-Founder Yun,

We hope to be able to confirm a shipping date as soon as we can! We’ll definitely keep everyone posted on the production and shipping status.

Any chance of getting google home support?