Wyze to launch home monitoring and security service

Press Release

Peace of mind starts with knowing your home and everyone in it is safe. That’s why Wyze, maker of affordable smart home technology, is announcing its entrance into the home monitoring and security space.

“We made a name for ourselves in 2017 when we launched our first smart home camera, Wyze Cam, for a fraction of the price of competitors. Now, we’re looking to do the same thing with home monitoring and security. Peace of mind shouldn’t be a discussion about this month’s budget - that’s why we’re creating a system that is smart, simple, professional, and of course, affordable” says Sunny Wu, Wyze’s Head of Services. “We’ve sourced brand new hardware because an endeavor like this demands the highest standards in reliability. We’re doing everything we can to break the mold that quality products can’t be had at affordable prices.”

A couple of quick notes to answer some questions you might have:

  • Wyze hasn’t settled on a name for it yet. For now, following the true Wyze style, they’re going to call it Wyze Home Monitoring.
  • Wyze will release a new generation of its Wyze Sense sensor line to meet the requirements of a security service.
  • Wyze Home Monitoring will connect to a 24/7 professional monitoring service.
  • There is no exact launch date planned, but Wyze is planning to launch sometime in early 2021

One other really cool thing that deserves mention, Wyze is also partnering with Amazon’s Alexa Guard service and will work with their newly announced premium Guard Plus service.

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Is Wyze Home Monitoring just a security system?

It’s more than just a security system. It is a professionally monitored home protection system. We will start with home security and expand into protecting your home from threats such as fire and water damage. Home monitoring also means monitoring things such as utility consumption.

Does it work with existing Wyze devices?

It will work with Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze Cam Outdoor, and the v1 Wyze Sense Sensors at launch. Shortly after launch, it will work with Wyze Lock and Wyze Video Doorbell. While existing Wyze Sense sensors will work, we are introducing a new line of sensors that will provide the reliability needed for home security.

Will there be new hardware devices for Wyze Home Monitoring?

We will introduce a new line of Wyze Sense contact and motion sensors as well as a few other pieces of hardware required for a security system. While the current (v1) Wyze Sense sensors will work with Wyze Home Monitoring, the new sensors will provide users with a better, more reliable experience.

What does “works with Alexa Guard Plus” mean?

Alexa Guard Plus is a new paid service from Amazon that helps you keep your home safe. When you subscribe, you get access to an emergency helpline you can call through your Amazon Echo. Also, Alexa can alert you about the sounds of activity and other potential emergencies in your home while you’re away – and you can choose to forward those alerts to Wyze. Wyze home monitoring users will have the option to add Alexa Guard Plus to complement the Wyze monitoring experience.

Will there be recurring fees?

Yes. A professional monitoring experience is required to provide the peace of mind intended with Wyze Home Monitoring – no matter where you are, 24/7. This comes with a cost. We will price the service reasonably as we have always done.

When is this going to launch?

We don’t have an exact date yet. Sometime in early 2021.


We aren’t giving further information at this point but I’ll keep an eye on feedback and questions so I can share them with the team. :slight_smile:


Can we have an option to be non-monitored / self-monitored.
Having an audible alarm / notification sent to my phone is all I need. In the case of burglary, the police will never arrive in time to do catch the intruder. I would prefer to call the cops myself and save some monthly $$$.



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I think that that would be a great idea to have the monitoring as an option so people can decide to have it notify them on their cell phone and as a paid option to have the alarm dealt with by the monitoring center.

The only downside i can see from the customers perspective if the service was cheap enough, is the potential for loss of privacy. Anyone working at the security center could in theory when bored just look at people’s cameras and invade their privacy. How will Wyze convince people that that will not happen. Maybe only monitor external cams on the property? Or have an option as to what cams are available for Wyze security staff to monitor.


@WyzeGwendolyn May I humbly suggest you just stick with the name "Wyze Home.’


Ryan, agreed. The reason I started with Wyze to begin with was because I wanted a security system that didn’t force you to pay for unnecessary monitoring of yesteryear. In the age of technology, theres no technological reason it can’t contact you directly and cut out the middle man, unless someone regularly can’t have their phone on them (which is the case for some). Monitoring of hardware should be optional not mandatory.


In my area you need a permit for professionally monitored system. If the Police or EMS are dispatched to a false alarm you recieve a citation and fine.

So a Permit fee + Subscription fee + possible Citation/Fine no thanks. Hopefully this system has a self monitor option like Ring does with theirs for people who want to use this product but would rather self monitor and avoid possible fines and fees.


Don’t forget about Canada and also Google Assistant support, when this launches Wyze!


Hoping the brain of this unit has the capability of a cell signal backup. Im using a competitors system presently at a different location that doesnt have wifi. Looking forward to switching that over to wyze because the $70 they want for an additional sensor is just crazy.

Happy to beta test if you need someone :wink:

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@WyzeGwendolyn Thanks so much for sharing! I’m very excited about this! I hope we could get a battery backup for the alarm (assuming there will be an alarm system). Also I hope the alarm will sound even if there is no WiFi.

I would love to alpha/beta test anything if Wyze needs!

Can’t wait to hear more info soon :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting, thanks. Also a tacit / explicit admission that the current sensors are problematic. :frowning: And I haven’t even opened mine yet.

They are putting the “Professional” (paid monitoring) angle right up front here, so those asking for local operation might get disappointed. Don’t know.

Edit: DO know. She says it plain as day:

It IS very nice to see Wyze refocusing on a single ecosystem. Some of you guys will have to stop the “but but they’re not a security company” mantra now. :slight_smile:


Will this home monitoring system be battery powered? And if so, how long will the batteries last?

Sorry, just wanted to be the first to ask because we all know someone will! lol

Seriously, you mention this will integrate with the Alexa Guard Plus system. As I understand it, Wyze MAY bundle the Alexa system with this home monitoring system so I’m assuming I wouldn’t have to pay for them separately. Am I close on that?

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Unless notifications get to your service faster than the 10 minutes to 4 hours that it takes to get notifications to our phones, it will be a big flop.


If it does not integrate with Home Assistant, I and tons of others, will pass…

Just saying…

Get on it.


I am in agreement with several people in this forum. I would like the choice to have control over alerts and monitor set up. I would rather set up the call directory myself. Since I have 10 years experience in this field I like the option of having control over my home & equipment.


Great job like always.
Will it work with a property in another country,where I am already using wyze cameras ,as well as in USA…
Congratulations…thank you

This would be the perfect time to make these sensors use a standard like z-wave or zigbee 3.0. That way people can purchase these separately and use them with Hubs like SmartThings, Hubitat, HomeAssistant, etc.


This sounds pretty awesome!! Can’t wait for more details!