Wyze Home Monitoring Individual Sensors Ready to Protect Your Home - 5/18/21

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Individual sensors for Wyze Home Monitoring are now available! You WILL need a Wyze Home Monitoring Starter Kit for them to work, though. So make sure you have one!

Wyze Home Monitoring is back as the best budget home security system at just $5/month, but don’t take our word for it. CNET says, “If you’re looking for reliable home monitoring for a third of your monthly Netflix subscription cost alone? You can’t beat Wyze.” We agree. Keep wherever you call home secure with Wyze Home Monitoring.

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Thanks for making this available. Next, is the temp and leak sensors @WyzeGwendolyn


Just ordered some more sensors and another keypad. I really like my new system. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had a similar system in my other house and really like the tight WYZE integration with this system. Love how I can assign any camera to any sensor trigger so I have all video clips indexed by sensor trigger. It simply works as it should.

Hope they add SMOKE/FIRE DETECTORS in the future as well as additional sirens. :pray: That will make it a pretty complete system.


Thank you so much! I’ll share this with the team and make their days! :tada:


Thanks for sharing this, somehow I totally overlooked this capability. I will have to test it out for a few cams. This may make me switch around which cams will count as Security cams if I can set it up like this.

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You do that from each sensor’s SETTINGS → SENSOR VIDEOS. I have a camera pointing to every entry sensor so I can review the triggers at the bottom of the screen by time. I click on any event and can see the video clip at the time of trigger. So far has worked 100% of the time. Very nice to be able to go back and see who opened that door or window at any given time. :+1:


I would like some entry sensors, but don’t want the home monitoring service. I just want to play around with some sensors. I’m happy to monitor things myself. Can I do this?


When is Wyze going to sell only the Hub ? I only want the V2 sensors and don’t need / want the complete starter kit or HMS …


Hey @wyzeteam we need V2 motion and contact sensors without HMS. Are you bringing a different V2 hub or the selling the new hub without HMS?


On the FAQs for the wyze v2 motion sensor and v2 entry sensor website, it seems to say that these new sensors can be paired with the old discontinued wyze sense bridge. However when I tried pairing these sensors, it did not allow me to select the old bridge as an option, I only see the new hub.

Here is the info from the FAQ

[Can Wyze Sense v2 products connect with legacy Wyze Sense v1’s Wyze Sense Bridge?]

Yes, these devices can be paired with the legacy Wyze Sense Bridge (no longer available for purchase) but please keep in mind that these sensors would be incompatible with Wyze’s Home Monitoring Service functionality when connected this way. For increased stability and access to the full range of features that these devices support, please purchase and connect them to a Wyze Sense Hub via the Wyze Home Monitoring Core Starter Kit.”

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I want v2 sensors without HMS to replace the v1 sensors that do not work worth a damn. V1 sensors are the worst product Wyze ever came out with.


Yeah, V1’s can be frustrating to use as door or window sensors, and it’s worrisome how easily they turn to a brownout lock state with low voltage (when the battery is almost dead). That wouldn’t be as big of a problem if I was using them all on Home Assistant instead (where I can unlock them and still continue use them even if they locked up).

But, if I’m honest, I LOVE how small the V1’s are. I use them on tons of things where the V2 sensors (double the size) wouldn’t be as practical. I love the V2 sensors better in almost every other way except size. I have a lot of both.

Honestly, there is no reason to wait for them to sell the system without the HMS. Wyze offers a 30 day guarantee on everything, so just order it with the monthly sub, then say you changed your mind about the subscription or you didn’t like it and you don’t want that part of it anymore. Even if they don’t refund that $5, I am confident that doing it this way (getting it now and then canceling the subscription right away) is going to be cheaper than the extra costs that will be added on when they sell it without a subscription. They’ll almost certainly raise the price for separate orders. Though maybe taking out the keypad will offset the difference. Personally, I used everything for 2 weeks before activating the subscription. It works great without it. After activating the subscription, I have never taken it out of test mode, so it’s like Noonlight doesn’t exist. That’s an option too.


I doubt that a hub alone with a couple of sensors is gonna end up with a $85 price tag

Possibly not, though I do think they are likely to do something similar to what they do with V3’s where you get it a little cheaper if you have the service. Also, they often discount everything in a package/starter kit.

Just go look at what everything else costs individually right now:

$10 per contract sensor = $20 for the 2 in the starter kit
$15 per motion sensor
$25 per keypad (which the nonsubscribers don’t need, but add up those things from the starter kit to see my point)

Those are also all at the rates they’re offering only to HMS subscribers currently… And it’s still $50 even without the hub. That means that at minimum the hub has to be at least $30, but it’s more likely going to be more than that because of the bundle discount. I’m guessing $50 for the hub. Then you buy a motion sensor ($15) and at least 2 contact sensors ($20 worth) and you’re already at the cost of $85… And that’s at the prices offered to HMS subscribers, and it doesn’t include a keypad (which you don’t need if you don’t have the subscription, but at least you could sell it for $5-$10 less to someone who does want another one… Make another $15-$20 off selling your keypad that you don’t want. That brings your overall costs down easy cheaper by doing it now.

$80core + $5 HMS - $15-$20selling the keypad - $5 for the 30 day refund on the HMS = $60-$70 for a hub and 3 sensors now
Vs waiting until a hub is sold separately, buying everything separately and more expensive and maybe jacked up for nonsubscribers likely paying $50 hub +$20 for the equivalent of 2 contact sensors + $15 motion sensor = $85

So $60-$70 and get it now with no wait, vs $85+ by waiting, and who knows how long or what prices will be, etc. That’s how I see the likelihood.

But it’s all speculation. It just looks logical to me based on the history.

Thank you for you info Gwen…! By the way …! O e little question… is there a way to “Arm the HMS with out having to hear the dinging for :30 sec or the whole minute efore it can be considered Armed…? it can me be very annoying not being able to do it discretely…!

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I gave this some serious thought and then realized that I don’t want to trust my home security to equipment that will fall short of its promises. So far, I have not purchased ONE Wyze product that performs as it should. The cameras are a prime example. Every time we have a power “blip” the cameras go offline and need to be unplugged and rebooted. This has been a problem from the start and there seems to be no way to correct it. So, if I’m away from home when this happens, I lose my ability to see what is going on until I get back home to reset my cameras. There have also been problems with my other Wyze products that seem to get mentioned, but never fixed. I guess that sometimes saving money is not the best way to go when it comes to overall performance.

I’ve got the old V1 sensors and was planning on upgrading to v2. If I get the home kit do I have to pay the $5 a month for the service Just to use the contact and motion sensors to cut on and off lights. I started with v1 as a smart home project to cut on and off lights I don’t care anything about home monitoring service . Just want to continue my smart home project which really needs more motion and contact senors to control more lights.

My V3’s have never had this problem.

My V2’s used to, but I haven’t had that issue in several months. I think the firmware might’ve fixed it.

V2’s still struggle a lot when I switch routers though, even when the SSID and password are the same. So do V1 bulbs.

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You may have to wait until the v2 Sense line is sold as a standalone product, seperate from the HMS. Unknown when that time will be though.