Amazon Sales

So apparently Amazon is out of stock which is being interpreted as no longer carrying Wyze V2 Cameras?

True/False/Only on Tuesday?

Interesting. I just tried a quick “Wyze cam” search, and no product screen appeared in the search results. Then I went to a past order and tried to call up that product screen, and it said “Sorry, we couldn’t find that page”.

Good news is people can still order them here!


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This happened once before and @WyzeGwendolyn was able to figure it out.

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I know that the team is working on this now. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I play a game on my phone and the rewards are mainly from, so I use the points I earn to buy Wyze cameras and SD cards. Just got enough points today to get another camera and they refunded my my order! Glad to see that the issue will be (hopefully) resolved!

Edit - Would LOVE to see the black cams become a permanent seller and to see them on amazon too!


Annnnnd they are gone again. Its a shame…because if they ever do come back on Amazon, the game I play on my phone to get prizes from Amazon will jack up the price 3 times more than the cameras MSRP. They still have the Wyze Cam Pan, but it’s the equivalent of $120 in their game reward currency. The Wyze Cam V2 WAS usually $40… but now the 2 pack = $150 and 4 pack = $600 with their game reward currency.

That sounds nifty! I’ll let the team know to check on the listing again.

I saw all three versions (single Wyze Cam v2, two-pack, and Wyze Cam Pan) on Amazon when I searched just now. Does this link work for you?

Your link works correctly, but just searching for “Wyze cam” lists the Pack of 2, and if you click on that, you can select a single one from the style options…Thank you for the link, and i know its not of any fault on your end, but its still not showing up in my game. :frowning:

You’re welcome! It could be that your game just hasn’t caught up to it being back yet. I hope it shows up soon! :slight_smile:

me too! and hopefully not 3 times the price. Took me over a year to get 3 cameras at the price before, and I don’t want to spend another year just to get a single camera.

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