Wyze Cam v3 back in stock for a limited time - 2/22/21

Wyze Cam v3 is back in stock for a limited time for Cam Plus subscribers. Due to chip shortages, we’re still extremely limited on inventory. It only took 5 days to sell out last month!

We’re still planning for wider availability once inventory stabilizes. :slight_smile:


I’m betting they sell out faster this time. V3’s are selling on eBay for 2-4 times the cost ($50-$75) you can get them here…that’s huge profit to be made with a high demand and low supply.

At least there is validation in the market that these are great cams for the price. I mean the market has spoken and declared that even these updated prices and such are selling for WAY below their value. Hard to argue with the market…the people have spoken, and even these updated prices due to supply issues are way lower than their demand.


Price is $9.99? What?

LOL Nice catch!


I’d definitely buy some [more] if that was the case…it’s just a typo though. The shopping cart and main page showed me differently when I last checked it.

The $9.99 was for the spotlight which shows on the next page:

Even the final page clarifies that it’s not $9.99:

But it is really funny that this post [at least the original before they fix it, assuming they will] seems to say that.

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Yeah, that caught my eye too. But, I knew it was just an “oops” on @WyzeGwendolyn’s part (or the copy that was given).

Anyway, not that I needed any more cameras, I bought 2 more and a spotlight. :laughing:

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Well alrighty, went and made the plunge and purchased from todays email so this typo made me lmao at myself lol :man_facepalming: :rofl: added the night vision night light (oxymoron :rofl:) :man_shrugging: and a years subscription. Still very satisfied with my 2 v1 cams of 2+ years ago so if this recent purchase and subscription seem to work out for me I’ll upgrade them also.

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I have been looking to buy a V3 cam since November. I didn’t notice there was string attached to the purchase (Cam Plus only). I’ll have to wait more months when the product is no longer a new hot item. I don’t need and can’t afford Cam plus. :slightly_frowning_face:

This is the OneBox feature from Discourse. I just complained to the web team and they think it’s pulling the microSD card price. They’re going to look into it. :slight_smile:

Not my fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

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its only 1 $15 subscription if you get 4 cameras its only $3.75 per camera …

I just bought a Cam Plus subscription on the site, with the purpose of then being able to order the items that are restricted to Cam Plus subscribers, like a Cam V3, doorbell and to get the discount on the vacuum. I currently own a CamV2. When I go back to shop for those items it tells me I’m not a cam plus subscriber. Does anyone know how long it takes for this to update to allow me to buy these items?

$15 per device I believe - camera, doorbell, etc.

Same problem, except I’ve had Cam Plus for some time. Had to order an additional subscription to be able to get the V-3’s because the system didn’t recognize my current status.

I just logged out and logged back in again and it worked.

[date=2021-02-23 timezone=“America/New_York”]Having to purchase camera and plan is no good deal. Really disappointing for Wyze to pull this crap

Yes, I agree. It ticked me off, but they have what I want and if the V-3 is as good as I’ve read I want to upgrade. Just seems unfair, because everyone’s been waiting for this hardware.

subscription is per device , but you only need 1 subscription to buy more cameras

it doesn’t say you have to to purchase camera and plan >> For Cam Plus subscribers

they giving you option to become Cam Plus subscriber by adding 1 camera with plan

For most, $15 is nothing. In California, renting a room would take my entire social security. Its splurging to buy one camera. I’ll have to wait to later in the year or next year to get the one v3.

I can see it if you only need 1 camera… but they already say cheep gone up in price … so i don’t think price will remain …