Any idea on when when the v3 will be back in stock?

I’ve been checking pretty often for the past few months. Looking to purchase a ton of these cameras for my business that has 7 locations. Any idea when I will be able to do this? Side not the v3 is in fact the same price as v2 right?

Welcome back @Jessel!
The V3 was recently back in stock. It’s currently on back-order now, but it may be back in stock soon. I’d suggest keeping an eye on the V3 shop page and your email for updates.
More information on the V3 here:

Home Depot.

A Wyze store at Amazon? Sure looks like Wyze has now an official sales channel there.

Micro Center has come in stock as well. If you have one in the area, they may ship, not sure.

Amazon delivery date is a bit like Easter ( a movable feast)
When ordered a few days ago, they were arriving (at amazon) March 29th
Now I re-checked, arriving April 8 -20th

Only real option for us in UK