Wyze Cam v3 availability?

I’m confused…

In April I bought a Wyze Cam v3 from Amazon, yet when I view the product on the Wyze site, it shows and not being available yet.

Like many other Wyze products, the V3 is temporarily out of stock. Seems to be a problem with many of their products.

They are probably all for sale at Home Depot and Micro Center, depends where you live.

https://www.amazon.com/Indoor-Outdoor-Camera-Security-Monitor/dp/B08R59YH7W/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Wyze+Cam+v3&qid=1622465486&sr=8-3 I guess they want you to order from Amazon instead of their online web page.

Amazon does have an easier return policy, better getting from Amazon just for the Amazon warranty

Amazon return policy is 2 weeks and Wyze is 30 days?

On availably of the V3, remember we are just coming out of a pandemic, and there is a worldwide chip shortage as a result. From this week’s Wyze newsletter:

We have some small shipments of Wyze Cam v3 en route to our warehouse this week. Starting on Thursday, we will be releasing 2,000 for sale at 9:00 AM PT. We will do this every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT for the next few weeks.

This is a fraction of what we’d normally sell in a week, but we thought we would do it this way so that at least our loyal Wyze community reading this email knows right when it’s available. Or you can just sign up for a reminder email.


I have signed up for the reminder email, I ordered off Amazon, yesterday and it is being Delivered today!
I don’t plan on returning them so the 2 week or 30 day return is not a problem.
Just sucks when the last I ordered them I got the V2 cameras instead.

You are wrong, the return policy is 30 days for a Wyze cam, just like the Wyze return policy.
But Only Better with great customer service and No Hassle Returns.


Note the delivery date and return eligibility date, 30 days…