Sold out V3 Pros

Welcome to Wyze ! I would like to ask if you can look into the issue regarding Wyze v3 Pro sold out status.
I entered my email to be notified when v3Pro will be available. Making me think as a loyal Wyze customer since 2018 with 12 cams purchases & cam + subscriber . I would be notified.
Wyze v3 came available sold out again . I didn’t get notified.
Today I curiously looked up Wyze v3 Pro on Amazon, well there they are being sold by a company HBB Mall $147.50 @ and business address (Istanbul)
I think Wyze loyal customers should have 1st purchases in the US .
Or at the least allow Prepaid purchase to insure order is guaranteed! Please I hope you can make a difference.
Another issue 5 + days Wyze experience internet service issues . As a customer when you call or chat with tech support, the 1st approach is to troubleshoot the customers knowledge of proper usage of cams (setup etc). All Wyze support needed to do was admit there were issues occurring!
I’m asking as a loyal Wyze purchaser to please make a difference!
I will be renewing my cam + subscription (unlimited , while there are many that want to pay $0.00 ) I feel I am one of 10k + loyal customers that has given revenue to Wyze cam to be a successful company today !

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@annvasquez59 I’m sorry to hear you missed a window to purchase the camera and didn’t get a notification. The moderators here are volunteers and not Wyze employees, so we don’t have any direct access to those who run that system. I have asked Wyze to look into it, but since it’s a three day weekend, I don’t expect a response until Tuesday. Just a guess, but it may be that the stock came in and went out so quickly that the automated system didn’t have a chance to send the email.

Regarding the support issue, it’s possible the outage had not yet been published to the Service Status page yet and therefore Support wasn’t aware of it. However, if that’s not the case and you have a ticket number from your encounter, we can use that to ask Wyze to look into the matter.