Wyze Cam Outdoor - Availability - Out of stock for month

The Wyze Cam Outdoor both V2 and V1 have been out of stock for months but remain on the sales website. I’ve inquired twice and gotten non committal responses. It seems like no one knows Wyze’s plans. I’m very resourceful, but I’ve failed to escalate to a level where someone will tell me what’s going on. My use of these cameras dates back to beta testing the V1. I’ve installed these cameras in several homes (for clients) and prefer to maintain the same system, but one client is ready to pay me to remove all the Wyze cameras and move on. I suspect this model is discontinued and no one will admit it.
Has anyone else gotten a more definitive answer from someone senior in the company? They’re really dropping the ball on customer service.

I’m not aware of the WCO being discontinued, but since the Battery Cam Pro has been released I suspect that may be the case. I have both, and the BCP is way way better than the WCO. It’s a bit more expensive obviously but in my opinion it’s worth it.

I will ask if the camera was discontinued and let you know.


Has anyone been successful at finding an answer to this inquiry? I think that the company’s silence speaks volumes. It’s also not a very good representation of customer service. Frankly, I am approaching the point of removing Wyze equipment from the eight homes that I currently manage and replacing it with a vendor that is more responsive to my inquiries. This is now becoming embarrassment for me. My clients are underwhelmed. Wyze began as a rather innovative company with great pricing, but lack of support will kill even the best.

Im sorry that you haven’t received a response yet. I just asked Wyze again and anticipate a response soon. I set a reminder for 3 days if I still don’t receive a response. Thank you for waiting.

Hi @mark.bergman,

WCO v1 and v2 are out of stock on wyze.com and unfortunately we can’t control the inventory level in sales channels but I just looked up on Amazon and WCO V2 is out of stock as well. We will not have more WCO v2 inventory but will definitely continue to support the camera if our customers have any issues, such as Wyze Cam v1, v2 and Pan v1, v2.

Do you have any open support tickets with our customer service team? If so I can take a look and help you with any technical problems!


So to clarify, the V2 will not be available for sale again ever. Correct? If so, I have eight homes worth of wise equipment to remove and replace with Ring or other.

This is most likely the case unless we get refurbished units into our inventory pipeline, which does happen from time to time. Would hate to lose you as a customer, 8 houses worth of Wyze cameras is wild.

If it were me, I would replace WCO v2’s with Wyze Battery Cam Pro’s. That camera is better in every way and comes with removable batteries which will help with longevity.


Just wanted to chime in here, typically smart devices are available for one to two years before a successor comes out — this is no different with Ring and other IoT camera manufacturers. This does not mean at all that we won’t be supporting this product for the years to come, though. Cameras are not disposable, they are an investment and should be able to be used for quite some time before they need to be retired. :slight_smile:

If you’re still looking to upgrade them, as Matt and Li mentioned, Wyze Battery Cam Pro is a great camera and a huge step up.

The best promo right now is at Home Depot, where you can get two for the price of one: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Wyze-Battery-Cam-Pro-2-Pack-Wireless-Indoor-Outdoor-Home-Security-Camera-2k-HD-Color-Night-Vision-and-Built-In-Spotlight-WYZECOP-RB2PK/323671982

If you just need one, I would check out the promotion on the TikTok Shop where they are going for $70 and have extra coupons on top that can bring them down further (I think it’s $50 for new customers?)


I am having a hard time understanding why you need to pull all of the existing WCOs. Are they no longer working properly? I am still using the WCO and base station I got as part of the hardware beta testing program. They work great! Granted the old hardware doesn’t have some of the new features found on the V2 WCOs. But, the V2s don’t have the advanced features of the WBC Pro.

I will agree that if the older models have been discontinued, that should be noted on the website.

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Simply stated; I’ve lost confidence in Wyze. unresponsive to Product available inquiries, week to nonexistent tech-support, and what appears to be poor business decisions that impact those of us who’ve been around since the beta testing days. since many of these installations are done on behalf of my clients, why would I continue to risk my reputation based upon a company that does not appear to be trustworthy. For all I know they’re going under.

True that. It is shocking that Wyze doesn’t have the mojo to change the banner from “sold out” to “discontinued”.

If you really want one, you can find plenty of refurbished cams on Wyze’s ebay page…

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That’s your call, of course. I have been very fortunate with the products I’ve bought and in my dealings with sales and customer support.

It’s not that we’ve pulled them, it’s just that they have ended their production run and we’ve sold through the last of the inventory. We order the manufacturing of an item from our factories in batches, and those batches have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) - if we’re selling 10 cameras a week and our MOQ is 10,000 cameras, that puts us in a really bad position if we order more haha. So we have no choice but to discontinue making more because it costs money every day that that inventory would sit in the warehouse.

Hope this makes sense. Sometimes we might get random bumps of inventory when our third party retailers end their run of the product and ship some back to us, so that could be why the pages are live right now.


I totally get why it doesn’t pay to order a batch of cameras that are not selling at a high rate any more.

But you are in essence saying the WCO V1 and V2 are discontinued. There is nothing wrong with that, I think people should be getting the Pro anyway.

And there is a big difference between discontinued products and dropping support for that product. I know Wyze will continue to support the V1 and V2 for a few years yet.

I am reading that the WBCP doesn’t do video? Just stills and also that battery life isn’t good. Anyone have experience with this? I really liked the V2 and still have them at my house but I need a system for the lake house and I do not have plug ins outside. TIA

The battery cam pro does not support cam plus lite, and with no subscription you will only get image thumbnails uploaded to the cloud. You can still use event only or continuous SD card recording for free. With cam plus you will get full length and AI cloud events.

Battery life has been great for me, I have both the Wyze cam outdoor and the battery cam pro and their battery life is great. I do use the solar panels though.

For me, the battery cam pro has been a HUGE upgrade over the Wyze cam outdoors.


How many of the 10,000 were used to cover warranty issues? Selling 10 a week on a product that was on the market for less than 1000 weeks? Doesn’t add up.

I disagree with the statements that the Battery Cam Pro is better in every way simply because of the price. The attraction of the WCO is that it is inexpensive compared to other available cameras. Many people do not need the “better” features, so the higher price puts Wyze out of a market.

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Good point. Building a brand tends to use the beta testing and first small launch batch customers , as steps to finding a larger consumer base . Why retain the 10 million test batches ( loyal customers) when they can set their sites on a global market?

Super disappointed to hear that the WCO is being discontinued. Those cameras were perfect for my outdoor use and there’s no one else that had anything like it… inexpensive with a great form factor (cube) that allows me to place them anywhere I want and move them around as needed. I frequently move them around to track things around the outside of my house (wildlife getting through a fence or in the crawl space, drainage getting blocked) and don’t need any of them to be mounted or used for security purposes (I have different wired ones for that).

The allure with Wyze was that it was simple and inexpensive, but now it’s just like everyone else. With the new Pro version I have to get a bigger cam at $94 per (!!) and it doesn’t even have the little magnetic stand the original had so I could tilt it down if needed. I don’t need a spotlight or siren or 2K HDR. It’s a downgrade in every way for me.

Super disappointed, especially after I discovered that you shouldn’t delete a WCO from your account if it’s offline — this bricks the device, apparently. The app should absolutely be warning you before you do this, and it didn’t.

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