Is It Even Worth Buying Wyze Cameras Any More?

As much as I love Wyze, I think they have grown too much, too fast, and have way overextended themselves by trying to provide everything to everyone.

It seems like they used the cameras to build a name, and then started pumping out cheap Chinese crap one after another under the Wyze name to capitalize (literally) on the name/rep.

I like the cameras, and I don’t care about the security and that everything goes through China. I’m just annoyed that they keep splitting up features across lines and hobbling them so that Cam Plus is needed to fully utilize all of the features of the camera.
It’s clear that they are not taking customer issues into account with upgrades. The 90 degree issue has been in the Wishlist for years now. It’s a BASIC FEATURE and it honestly pisses me off to the point that I’m seriously thinking about just biting the bullet and going with more expensive name brands that have all this stuff already.
Seriously though. $55 for a camera, $50 for a good 256GB SD card, then $15/yr for Cam Plus. That’s $120 for a “cheap” Chinese camera with security issues that’s missing a lot of issues.
If I look at $150/camera there are quite a lot of options available, many with POE, MUCH better apps, NAS storage, etc

So… With Wyze’s focus clearly NOT on cameras, is it even worth it buying any more, or should I just move on to a company who isn’t trying to sell as much crap as fast as possible?


Move on and make everyone happy.


I sort of agree, I am and was only interested in their cameras and that is all I ever bought.

Currently I have 16 V3 cameras, 1 Pan-Cam (v1) and 7 V2 cameras.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor I was interested in until I read the specifications, Glad I didn’t buy any of those especially with all the issues I see posted about them.

Was interested in the Video Doorbell too, Glad I didn’t get one of those either after seeing the problems they seem to have too.

When and if these cameras fail I will move on to another brand, likely 2k or 4k resolution.

The cameras I have are good and serve their purpose, and I have the Cam Plus Unlimited annual plan.

All the other Wyze products I could care less about as it is all just cheap junk in my opinion,

The price point of the cams is what got me to buy them but the path Wyze has taken after that has made me lose interest in the company.


Wow this thread is fun to read. Thanks for the comic relief, boys.

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You lose credibility when you mis-state some prices. I begin to suspect you have some sorta #hiddenagenda

I only paid $25 or so for my cams.

For a microSD card, all you need is an any-size “high endurance” card. Those go for as inexpensive as $8.99…


I agree that Wyze has lost their way. They used to be great but now their customer support is terrible and their products are loaded with bugs that they don’t want to or can’t fix. They keep adding new products and features yet won’t fix issues with current products and software.


If you really believe your statements, then move on to other products. Their must be other products that meet your expectations.


When have you ever said Wyze used to be great. :rofl:

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The first time I ever bought their V2 cameras I thought they were great and told others about them.

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How about stop giving your two cents and use your legs, and move along.


totally agree with you - V3 cameras are only $25 plus shipping and I never knew or heard that the cameras would take a 256 GB SD card - they recommend a 32 GB SD card and on YouTube some are using a 128 GB SD card - every thing he has said sounds a little strange


I’m relatively new to Wyze and have four V3 cams and CamPlus.

There are a few little niggles - like I get a few failed uploads of video clips which is probably due to only having an 11 mb/s broadband connection.

The cams also fried their SD cards which I fixed by replacing them with High Endurance 32Gb ones.

They are not perfect but I am happy with the overall performance and are good value and do everything I need - except that I would like to be able to use a rule to switch night vision on and off at particular times.

They are actually much better than I expected them to be.


I’ve several V2’s I’ll sell for $55@ :slight_smile:
And Walmart advertises the V3 for $49.00
So I’m sure one can find it for more,

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V3 is is 39.98. outdoor starter pack is 59.99. Looks like they pulled add on cameras from their site.

But other sites have addon cameras more than the starter kits

I own Arlo pro 2, blink, ring cameras and now wyze v3. They all have their place and purpose.

So if a $30-$40 camera is frustrating users, their are other solutions. It doesn’t mean their price point and functionality will meet everyone’s expectations.

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I agree with your assessment of the Wyze company. I said TWO YEARS AGO I wouldn’t buy another Wyze camera until they fix the glaring issue of not having DISTINCT notification sounds for THOSE CAMERAS using an iPhone for those notifications. Apparently, android phone can change their notification sounds, but to the rest of us those sounds are the same as most iPhone notifications. I refuse to look at my phone every time it notifies me! Life is too short for that nonsense.
Wyze knows of this serious shortcoming. Hundreds have complained here. Wyze says they’re working on it, but after two years I’m ready to give up on them ever fixing it. They’re too busy cranking out other products to pay attention to this issue.


Censure the views of others seems the new trend. WYZE has lost much by pushing more devices rather then fix the problem ones. My case the WYZE Sensor Bridge which has never been firmware updated to solve the dropping of linked devices and they need resetting weekly. No bridge no security. Sure a new better one was released but needs new sensors and a subscription. YES WYZE has lost it and for all the blind supporters that are cheerleaders that support the lack of bug fixes and problems corrections I ask the question, your have no problems.


The thread is about Wyze cams not any of their other products. Today amazon has the V3 on sale for $33. You are not going to get all the R&D changes everyone wants funded on profits margins on a $33 camera.

If you can’t work around your expectations, pay 2 to 3 times as much per camera and go with another brand. But they are also not perfect.


I’ve v3s for $45-50 and the Outdoor add-ons for $60ish. I just split the diff.

As for the cards. I have 128GB High Endurance cards in most of my cameras, and SanDisk Extreme 256GB in a few others. I’ve had no issues with any of these. I did have issues with some cheaper 64GB and 128GB cards.

I use the cameras as simple “eyeballs” around the house. As I turn in for the night, is the garage door closed, is the gate shut, and during the day, is the trash picked up, did I get mail, etc… but, as a security system, any system that includes camera and wifi in the same sentence won’t cut it. I have a completely separate PIR system that works with or without power (solar/battery backup) and doesn’t require wifi or power to the house for that matter. When hurricanes come through or the power goes out, I always know if there’s activity around my house (PIR) and I bring up the appropriate camera (if the system is working - power/wifi operational) to see what’s triggered the PIR system (which always works), in my case I use Wyze (my favorite), Arlo and Ring, whichever one covers the zone I’m interested in. Overall, I really like the camera, but they’re not a first line security system, just eyeballs around my house.