Question for older Wyze users... would you still

HI all,

I’m new to wyze, I purchase a outdoor cam, but already feel a bit of regret.
I see a lot of recently complaints and I realize that these types of formats can bring that about.

My question is do you see wyze in a decline and would recommend anymore?
I just don’t know if it is worth invest based on what I’m seeing so far and would like some feed back.
I am asking people who are angry and fans-boys to take a step back and not reply to thing. because current emotions may over ride judgement.
I also realize that there is a pandemic currently so they maybe short handed.
I personally already had 2 issues and just wanted to know if this company is worth going further with.

Thank you

I personally think the wishlist section is bs. It’s just there for brownie points. Almost every suggestion I’ve given thus far has been sent there and nothing has happened since.


I still recommend WYZE V2 cameras to people. I just make sure they know that the cameras are great for taking a look when you are away. I don’t mention Person Detect, CAM Plus or any of the extras as I don’t have much faith in their reliability.
I don’t recommend any other WYZE products to people, not even the Pan camera.

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I need to look into how the v2 works without person detection. It there just motion detection?

Is there and will there be a future for Wyze? I think so. Market is flooded and so many people trying to break their products into the market. Pandemic i believe has a definite effect on how things are with them.

Been a long time Wyze person and no i wont say they are the greatest and I won’t say they are the worst. understanding what the basic need of the product is and how much you are paying for it, should settle alot of peoples issues. People want more out of it, sure it may happen, but at the price point kinda hard to run by. People want something feature rich doing XYZ, there are other products that do it at a higher cost. For what you get and what you paid for I think they are doing fine.

I just got 2 of the outdoor cams and testing those out. Looking at the benefits and the limitations of it. To use it to check in on someplace that I normally don’t have access to, its great. To use a motion or contact sensor and have the camera show me footage before or after it went off, i like how that works. Use it in a life and death situation? No. Use it to replace my current security cam stuff or replace my Nest stuff, no, maybe in the future with growth.

We don’t use or even bother with the person detection at the moment. And for a quick pop-up of a camera or setup, absolutely for the $25+

Yes, there is motion and sound detection.

I steer people away from the PANs, very unreliable. v2s are rock solid. sense kits you have to actively manage. The v2 the bridge is in either needs a USB split cable to feed it more power to be stable, or you need to reboot the camera at least once a week or the bridge will hang.

outdoor cam I’ve only had a few days but so far I like it. the “offline” issue while AWS was having maintenence is a little concerning.

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IMO: WYZE is mainly a marketing company that provides questionably improved software for products that already exist. The only semi-original product I have seen is their new Outdoor Cam which is receiving mixed reviews. They somehow managed to get great startup publicity.

The WYZE cam is from Xiaomi Dafang OEM, who’s main product is smartphones.

Apparently the Xiaomi camera, which looks exactly like Wyze. was good, but their software sucked.

Wyze thought they could do better software.
They have made progress but still have a way to go.

Hello jaken.

I would suggest sticking with Wyze for a while and try to get your issues resolved. You may want to consider describing your issues on this forum. There may be solutions out there. You are correct that forums bring out a lot dis-satisfaction that is tiresome to read. My experience with Wyze is they try to improve their products. I am satisfied with my V2 cameras and I suspect the vast majority are too. Wyze has stumbled along their corporate way and are getting better because of it.

But if your issues are not resolved, then move on to some other product.
Victor Maletic.

I’ve been using their products for a couple of years and have been satisfied. The V2 is an excellent product with great software.
The pan cam is disappointing. It works ok but is noisy and jerky. I replaced mine with the new Eufy pan and tilt camera which is quiet and smooth.
I’ve been satisfied with the Wyze Sense products. I like that I can receive voice notifications through my Alexa Echo devices. That feature has just been added to the cameras as well.
The light bulbs work as they should, but can lose wifi connectivity if to far away from the bridge.
I was thankful to be able to order the masks and thermometer through them when they were in short supply.
I would like to see Wyze divide their growing product line into specific categories such as Security, Home’ and Health.

I would recommend the V2 cams and the sense products even with there occasional minor bugs. I was really excited about the Pan Cam when I first got it but that died out. It’s just had to many issues with using the Pan scan and detection.

Can’t speak about the outdoor cam as mine comes today but from what I’m seeing on here it doesn’t look good.

So in short stick to V2 and you’ll be happy.

When I purchased my first wyze cams a couple years ago I had been planning to build my own security cameras. The price point that wyze has is hard to beat. I couldn’t source the components to build my own cameras for less, so went with wyze. They are working pretty well . . . for the price, but they are very frustrating to use. I also have the sensors and have hacked a couple of them to make them more versatile for my needs. I think wyze is doing a fairly good job of connecting with their customers, but they really need to do a better job of testing their updates before they release them. I don’t know if I’d buy into wyze again, but I have them now. If I thought having security cameras held more value in stopping local crime I would invest in a better camera system.

As I see it, cameras can’t stop crime, they can only allow you to review what has occurred after the event, and may provide some clue as to the identity of the suspect. Unfortunately the images on wyze are rarely good enough to accurately identify an individual. And even then it will then be left up to your local law enforcement to decided if they are going to pursue the matter.

You’re joking? Right?

I think Wyze V2 is the best value on the market, I have 6 of them, even dissected one and installed a telephoto lens. My cam pan works fine though they’re probably best suited to installation in more spacious facilities where you don’t want to install a bunch of cameras for aesthetic reasons. Wyze has, for the time being, found a niche market and pursued that market effectively. It will be interesting to see in time if they get bought out by a larger company. I became aware of Wyze when a friend, a master electrician who often installs professional CCTV systems, was immensely impressed with the affordability and function when they first came out. We’re both addicted to the cameras, bulbs, and plugs and rarely experience any truly significant problems. That said, if I win the Powerball drawing and move to a mansion, I’ll be looking for truly professional security systems. As is, they more than meet my expectations.

No I am not. I think it’s amazing IMHO.

It’s a new company, steep learning curve and a primitive support team. I am deeply invested in Wyze product and hope and pray that they succeed… However, that said, there are other players in the ip camera game that seem to produce a comparative product with a much better track record… It’s all about choices