Is It Even Worth Buying Wyze Cameras Any More?

The failed upload thing is a known issue that Wyze is looking into. My internet is 10x faster than yours and I keep getting the failed video upload issue at lease once a day for some recordings. It’s very frustrating. Years ago Wyze would have had the issue fixed already, but they are using their resources to make too many new products now. If Wyze doesn’t get it together soon, another company might come along and take advantage of Wyze’s failures.

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I already had cameras connected to an NVR, but they were only 720p and their motion detection didn’t seem to be that great. I took a chance on Wyze, and found them to be far more responsive to motion, and of course higher resolution. I now use a combination of both; Wyze for a quick heads up that something was there, and my Zmodo cameras for when I need to go back and review something. As my Zmodo cameras are external, they also act as IR illuminators for my Wyze cameras (although that has become less important with the availability of the v3).

Redundancy isn’t a bad thing when it comes to security. I even have a couple of Blink cameras in addition to the Zmodo and Wyze. One area outside my home (my front door area, where packages are left) actually has 4 cameras aimed at it from different directions.

I just looked through our system and we have not had that issue at all all I know is the wyze plugs when we lose the internet most of the plugs will not sink back I to the wifi the stats light is blue and blinks,blinks, we unplug them and plug it back then it sinks in…so we threw away over 25 of them and went to another vendor

I don’t use mine for security, more for what the wildlife ( critters) are up to , but Wyze notifications are 10 times faster than ring doorbell.

However they are pushing the subscriptions like everyone else. Was very disappointed the V3 has a 5 minute interval vs the 1 minute interval of the outdoor cam.

While Wyze is more affordable than most for my use. If was using it for security, I would opt-out, go with local storage

We like the low light,and the zoom is now clear and crisp since the last firmware update and all cameras are on cam plus it was cheap $99.00 for 99 license for a year

I also have a separate security system that uses cellular connection. The Wyze camera’s are to look around the house and yard since they are 1/8 the cost of camera’s from the security (system) company we are using.

Did you purchase that many plugs in one go, or did the problem first occur only after you had accrued that many?

Personally, I didn’t settle on a specific brand from the outset, and I found the different models I purchased have different strengths and weaknesses.

As to the disconnection problem, I wonder if that could be a router specific issue. For example, none of my plugs or switches have that issue, but when the power goes out (and my router and modem remain on due to being on a UPS), my wireless Zmodo cameras typically remain offline until I restart the router.

I love reading the insults from the fanboys


I love the Wyze cameras. During the height of the COVID-19 fears, I bought their digital thermometer and some face masks. I also have the Wyze scale. However, whenever I see Wyze selling yet another non-security related product, I often worry that it is over-stretching itself having to sell and support so many non-core products.


Same here. I have 4 at one house, 2 at another location (3 each of the V3’s &V2’s), just to provide more coverage than the much more expensive Ring cams (I’ve got 2 of those, too), or the even more expensive cameras from my alarm provider. My experience is that they ever rarely fail, and when they do, hitting the “restart” function takes care of it. For an extra bit of visual security, the Wyze cams are hard to beat, and if and when they finally die completely, I’ll have gotten my money’s worth.


I have six of them. Three are V2 and one V3 and two are the V1 CamPan. Other than the occaisional firmware update installation freezeups which I fixed myself, I like them all very much. The V3 is really great and I may buy the new CamPan in the near future.

Completely agree , I’ve left a review similar to this.

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that is a poor response. opinion is totally warranted. maybe u should move on…

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totally totally agree. i have said this from the beginning. correct what you start with and THEN move on and it may solve more of the issues/problems with their cameras, etc.

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It’s clear you put a lot of thought into your response :roll_eyes:

I have consumer electronics other then Wyze. So I don’t actually visit the Wyze forum that much. So it’s always surprising that users continue to try to keep this thread alive.

And it really doesn’t do you any good to respond directly to my posts since the e-mail address associated with all the forums I subscribe to actually goes to an e-mail account setup for junk mail.

But my V3’s don’t give me any problems and neither do the other brands of cameras I use.

That’s a poor argument because the misrepresentation in prices could be a typo and doesn’t derail the entire argument. Secondly, how do you go from “Wyze has lost their way” to “#hiddenagenda”? What about OP’s post is hidden? It’s very clear and blunt. Lastly, that’s wrong. OP didn’t incorrectly relay prices. Wyze Cam v3 is $55 on Amazon, You are, however, right in observing that OP can find cheaper high-endurance SD cards from Amazon but $8.99 is not going to get you a quality 256GB SD card. To your point, you can get one for as low as $24.99 (, which, you’re absolutely right, is pretty cheap. Now, of course, you could buy Wyze Cam v3 from Wyze directly if you were willing to give up the Prime benefits of buying with Amazon, and, after tax, get Wyze Cam v3 for around $40. If Wyze started charging shipping, again, however, that price would go up even more. Yes, it’s below the $55 OP stated so you could say that’s a misrepresentation of numbers. But with that logic, well, you lose credibility too because it’s also a lot more than your $25 number, so saying that someone’s argument is disproved because their numbers are different than yours isn’t a very valid stance.

While I don’t need anymore cameras, I could add it to may cart for $33.

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So why you posted this info here?

I guess,you must

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