Dumping Wyze

I’ve been a Wyze customer since the v1 camera came out. And have lived through the various firmware, software, hardware, etc. issues. Have around 40 cameras, doorbell, etc.

Today 3 of my v1 cameras stopped working. A v3 one would not connect and could not be reset and various other connections just went flaky, wouldn’t connect, didn’t recognize the SD cards, just one problem after another.

My WiFi and power were rock solid so this was just some weird stuff with the cameras.

Unfortunately, at this point I can no longer deal with the flakiness. The app is flaky. Has to be restarted too often. The cameras fail to connect. And on and on. Amazing lack of quality control and unreliability. So as of today, I have sadly decided to DUMP WYZE.

Having spent over $1500, it’s tough to admit I made a
mistake. But it’s also clear to me. I made a mistake.
Time to admit it and move on.

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Clearly and respectfully stated.

Do you think the value proposition:

Hardware & Services cost
Hours spent troubleshooting
Utility received

Breaks in your favor? Wyze’s? Or is it a wash?

Do you feel differently than you think about this?

Questions posed out of sincere curiosity.


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Wyze is cost-attractive but so was the Yugo (car).
To answer your question, the value proposition doesn’t break in my favor once reliability is considered.

Thanks rbhateja. I hope you’ll return and update us when you’ve had a chance to fully judge your chosen alternative. Cheers. -peep

I just commented also under a different subject. Seriously more people need to find out how bad this company is and how terrible the camers and service are. Ive wasted enough time and money on this company.

My Yugo worked great!*

*When it was working.