Wyze is failing

My cams, ALL 4, are doing this SAME EXACT THING, not connecting!
When Wyze first started as a company, that’s when i joined. They had their stuff together. BUT NOW, things do not seem to be working. My cameras keep going offline. I had to reinstall them thinking it was my connection but IT’S NOT!
I believe I’m DONE with Wyze. I NEED my cameras and yes Wyze is a affordable way to go, but this is highly unacceptable!!! When calling customer service, they aren’t really much help also.
Sorry Wyze, but over the years…you’re failing!


Starting yesterday (3/2/23) my 12 Wyze cameras (v2, v3, Wyze PanCam3, OG’s, …Doorbell) won’t stay connected. A few months ago, I had a TP-Link Deco Mesh System (TP-Link Deco AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Mesh System -Deco XE75) with 3 nodes professionally installed. Worked GREAT until yesterday. Now, cameras wont stay connected. I’m not accepting “it’s your WiFi” anymore. “It’s Wyze”. Was there an update of some sort? Must have been. Most of my problems happen when things are “updated”. I guess we, the customers, get to test these updates and report the problems. Things will NEVER change.

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You are so right. They keep doing updates, but what the updates are doing is hurting our devices or someone doesn’t know what they are doing when creating updates! I had absolutely no problems when this business started, but these last few years, just makes me want to go with someone new and im a paying customer. Granted they are affordable but my safety is more than the little cost I pay. Some people use the expression “You get what you pay for!”… and i admit, this is true.

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I have had the same experience. I got one camera to try it. it worked good. I got another soon after. I later decided to get a third. That is where the problems started. The third camera setup and worked fine then setup required a firmware update. The third camera bricked. it became completely useless and did not function at all. Support sent a replacement to me. The replacement did the exact same thing. About a week ago, power went out. The two working cameras came back online and continued to work properly. So, I thought nothing of it a few days later when I unplugged the cameras to move them. When I plugged them back in, neither one of them would connect.

when I have devices that are not working, I have 3 seperate locations/wifi I can test them on. If I can’t get them to work I give them to my son to try at his house. If he can’t get them to work, we just buy a newer device. They are 20% of the cost of some of the other devices out there. Wyze can be frustrating and have its limitations, but for now I can tolerate its issues.

i won’t be able to for ever though.

I would not own as many devices as I do if they were not so cheap. I only own 2 ring products, and 50+ wyze products (across 3 houses).

I would agree WYZE is failing. Long-standing bugs, like being able to download a video from an outdoor camera, are never addressed. My indoor pan cam failed after 2 years. I got about two years out of the outdoor cams before they became unreliable, sometimes connecting to the base, sometimes not. 1/3 of the screen on mobile devices is dedicated to junk that has nothing to do with viewing the cameras: an event report that I don’t use and an invitation to use rules. Not really a great company. Currently looking into other systems that take security cameras more seriously.

I think the AI/Detection stuff is bad on all the sub $200 cameras. I know it is terrible on my Ring cameras. Wyze is better, which is to say, more accurate than the Ring…BUT…none of it is perfect - far from it - but the ability to filter on ‘people’ vs. all those motion alerts is HUGE. Cuts down my list of events to review in 1/3 or more. That’s important time saver.

I just installed the TP Link Deco Tri-Band 6E Router (XE75) and I have the following which refuse to connect (even though I completely turned off the 5Ghz band:

  • 5 Wyze cams (mix of v2 and v3)
  • 2 Robot Vacuums
  • 2 Wyze Plugs (one outdoor model and one indoor)
  • 2 Wall Switches
  • 2 Door sensors
  • 1 Light Bulb

I should mention that I replaced a Wyze Mesh Router Pro 6E with this TP-Link XE75. The Wyze router was TERRIBLE! 1/2 baked firmware that kept kicking my wife off the internet (and putting me in the dog house). The only thing it had going for it was that it did connect to the other Wyze devices.

Ugh!! Any solution?

Router set to wpa3? Change to wpa2.

Is there a list of devices that are sold by Wyze that do not support WPA3?