Wyze Cam Outdoor are unreliable. Not sure why more people are not complaining

I have 2 wired Wyze cams and a Wyze band. I’m pretty satisfied with their performance.

However, I have 4 Wyze Outdoor Cams and they are giving me a lot of trouble. This weekend, 3 out of 4 would not connect or show any videos. I had to try multiple times. Finally, what worked with 2 out of 3 that I had to delete the devices and install them again. One of them is still not connected. I’m not sure why but, even after hours of charging, it still shows that it is 1% charged. Last week, the Wyze Base (required for the Wyze Outdoor Cams) had to be reinstalled. This sort of unreliability and poor availability makes me not want to get Home Monitoring. Wyze needs to fix these issues. I have Wyze Plus subscription on all 4 outdoor cameras

Question: Have you updated the firmware for the base station and camera’s lately?

I currently use the beta firmware on my base station and single outdoor camera and have no issues. I even use the WiFi connection to the base station. I’m not pushing any distance limitations so connectivity is not an issue.

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My Wyze Base and 4 Wyze Outdoor Cameras were up to date. The only way I was able to resolve it was to delete each and then add them one by one. Of course, I lost settings during the process. If we were away on this long weekend, then, not only we would have lost surveillance but we would not have been home.

Wyze needs to address these reliability issues.

I’m glad you were able to solve the issue!
Is your app up to date? We’re you using WiFi or mobile data? Those factors may have been part of the issue.
It sounds like there could have also been some sort of interference between the camera and base.

App is upto date. The Wyze Outdoor Cams only connect to base through WiFi. When I was setting them up again, I had to connect them via a USB wire.