Wyze Outdoor Camera No Longer Works After Firmware Update


I’ve got a Wyze Outdoor Camera (and a Wyze v2). I recently (this week) installed the firmware updates to the base ( the outdoor camera ( and my Wyze v2 (, and now my cameras don’t work. They both lag incredibly, and then shut down altogether.

I get error code 0 on the app; I’m using an iPhone.

I’ve read up on the forum and did all the steps recommended. I checked/re-checked my wi-fi, power cycled all the devices, switched cables, you name it. I’m connected to a 5G network on my phone, and I’m getting 252 Mbps according to a speed test, so it’s not a matter of a bad connection.

I’m starting to think the base has gone bad. Any ideas, or is there a way to roll-back the firmware update?

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The 5G network speed on you phone means nothing, the base is connected to the 2.4GHz WI-FI network, at least it should be. Wyze removed all the other older firmware versions from the release notes months ago after the released the disaster so now you can’t download an older version to flash. I have my base and WCO cams on the same firmware you posted and all 4 work fine. Is your base connected via ethernet or wi-fi.? There seems to be an issue with people that have their cams in a group that don’t work, are your cams in a group? My base signal looks like this:


I can say that I was seeing the same/similar problem from my iPhone. After removing them from my Outdoor Camera Group, my problem went away (as Antonious suggested). Thank you for the help!!


Thanks, all! I realized I was on a 5G wi-fi network on my phone, but my cameras were on the 2.4G one. When I switch to that network, they work fine. (I had recently messed with my router’s settings, so this is all on me.)

The last update messed my two outside cams up also. One will connect live and the other will not go live but will do everything else. Then the one that goes live will start switching views with the one that will not connect. Have not been contacted by Wyze yet.

Thanks for posting your solution. I had two base stations and 6 cameras, all with varying issues sines the last updates. I ungrouped them and power cycled each one and issues disappeared. So much for Grouping things to make life easier.


Thanks, I removed one of the outdoor cams from the group and they all work correctly. Hopefully Wyze will fix the grouping on the next go around. I like being able to pick outside and see the whole house.