Wyze camera unable to connect

my wyze cam stopped working would not connect, I removed it and tried to reconnect with no luck.
I reset it and I do have 2 wyze plugs still working on the home router. I can get all the way through the set up but it does not connect.

I have the same problem. How about some support here?

I was ready to throw thw wyze camera in the trash, for fun took the 2 screws out and pulled the bottom off and saw a connector loose pulled it apart and plugged it back in and the camera connected. BUT IT STILL LOOSES CONNNECTIO AND CONTINUISLY NEEDS TO BE RESET.

Also having this issue. The indoor camera seemed to work great for many months. Installed the last firmware update (which may be coincidental). Now, I struggle to review any recordings on the camera. I know they recorded fine, I can eject the SD card and ingest them to my PC. But reviewing them on the app is not working well. Most of the time, trying to review will cause the camera to lose sync and then it says CONNECTING…and tries and tries. Any attempt to use the app causes it to say that the camera is not connected. If I close the app, and wait long enough, it works…until I try to review a recording. This failure mode is very consistent. I have tried rebooting, removing power to the camera, etc.

This is now going on about a month. Any help is appreciated.

SAME Problem, called in for problem, blamed it on a 5g network and to call my internet provider. Got it on line later the next mourning, and still intermittent.

The lack of response from Wyze is unfortunate. Even if they told us that this is a known issue and they are working on it, I would be more patient. But total silence is not good.

I purchased two more cameras from another supplier.

Same issue with mine too. 2 days now it has been disconnected and is Offline. I’ve done everything I could to try and fix it. Waiting for some help from Wyze…