WYZE cam won't connect anymore

I have had my Wyze Cam set up for months with intermittent connectivity problems a d have become a pro at resetting and getting it back online. However this time it went offline but wouldn’t show me a live feed like normal. I then did everything I knew how to reconnect it and it doesn’t work. Now when I take it from the spot it’s been in for months and go where my other wyze cameras are, it hooks back up and works just fine. Then when I bring it back to put it right back exactly where it has been since I initially got it, it immediately has connectivity issues. Obviously if it works in other rooms it would lead me to believe it must be something with my connection; but, as I’m working from home, nothing has changed whatsoever with my modem, placement of the cams, anything interfering with the signal, cord issues, etc. Also, it was working fine and suddenly stopped while all my other scams have no problems.

Anyone have any ideas? I am not able to format the SD card as it says its offline and there is an internet issue it won’t let me do anything in the app for this specific camera.

*update, I hooked the camera up to a portable battery pack and got it online in an area that it was connecting without any issues. I then walked it back to the spot it has been sitting for months and tried to exit the program and start the camera from there and it works just fine without connectivity issues. However as soon as I unplug it and plug it into the outlet it loses its initial connection, it won’t connect again. I have other cameras that are closer and farther away from the modem than this one and not a single one is having issues. Clearly the connection isn’t the issue if it stays connected on a battery pack. I formatted the sim card, the firmware is up to date from the last time it did the download…

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Is this spot closer to your modem?

This happened to one of my cameras and I had to call Wyze. The issue ended up being that my modem was slowly losing strength. Even though I was still able to connect my computer to the the network the camera wouldn’t connect. I ended up having to get a new modem. I would call Wyze and have them run a RouteThis test on your camera.

Thank you for the idea, but I doubt it’s my modem. My internet has had to be upgraded since being home due to the type of work I do and my modem is almost. Rand new. The cameras work if on a battery pack and I connect them anywhere near the modem and then take them throughout the house. They stay connected and have no issues. However, as soon as I try to hook them up to the outlet and have to reconnect on their own they won’t do it. I have cameras at all different distances from my modem and none of them are causing me issues but this one.

You didn’t say if this is a Pan or V1/2 cam, but either way it sounds like you have either a power supply or power cable issue. The Pans require the supply and cord that comes with them as they draw more power than a V2. But in your case, I would try swapping the power block for another know good one and also the power supply cord. The fact that you can use it with a power brick and cord kind of rules out cam issues
*//**Edited- one more thought - try testing your outlet with a meter or even a plug-in tester just to make sure you have correct voltage.

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Thanks for the tip. Its the Wyze cam (square box), not the pan. I tried it with different cords and other plugs and still no luck. I did run through the set up again down where it normally sits and even though the prompt said connection failed, the Wyze Cam said setup complete. Now when I go into the app it brings up the room and just says offline, but I can watch live feeds at least). In the past week or 2 it’s been saying offline and then fixes itself. Still unsure why this cam is the only one having the issue. So frustrating. Thanks again for your ideas.

I would suggest you contact Wyze Support and talk to them. Detail what you have already tried up front to save time. If they can’t help and you are still under warranty they should replace it.
Let us know!
**Edited- BTW, I have recently had good luck using the phone contact method. Response time was fast and people were sharp.

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