Survey of WyzeCam owners

Is there anyone who has not had connection issues?

I am on my fifth camera (two returns -so far) and have not had a reliable connection with all the reinstalling, restarting, unplugging, hard resetting, standing on my head, etc.</p>

I’ve really not had any connection issues except when ATT was working on the lines. The TV and internet worked but was having issues with the cameras. Now that it’s fixed no issues at all.

My connection is pretty solid. I think I’ve had 1 issue in ~10 days.

Once a week power cycle to get it to connect again, that is normal for both of mine.

One camera has needed to be deleted/re-scan the QR code in order to connect.

One camera got bricked and was warranty replaced because it would no longer connect to wifi after the firmware update.

Both my cameras have connected flawlessly, across three separate WiFi networks and in multiple locations (with unplug - replug) at two locations. I received them at work and set them up. Took them home and set them up on my home network, and moved them around until I found where I wanted to leave them permanently. Then took one out to my parent’s place and set it up on their network for my Dad to play with. Zero problems.

1 of my 3 has been troublesome. Every other day I have to unplug it for a few seconds. I still think 5ghz would solve many issues.

I have 5 cameras, 3 have connection issues, after 7-10 days of working with no problems I get " connecting camera (1/3)" and they never connect very frustrating to say the least given they are 2500 miles away. I had my daughter unplug and restart the cameras that worked for 5 days now 1 of the 5 are not working, same message over and over again.

More details in this thread

both mine are pretty crappy. i have google fiber and 2 access points in my house. no other wifi device has issues but both Wyze cams do.

Are you saying you had to unplug and replug because they weren’t working?

Yes, unplug the camera and plug back in…not easy when you are 2500 miles from the camera!!!

OK. Its just that you said flawlessly I was a little confused : ). I am in touch with Wyze (who I must say have been very responsive) to return them. Good luck with yours!

Update 3/15,

2 of my 5 cameras are not working AGAIN!!! All I get is the "connecting camera (1/3) on both cameras.

i am in the same boat. made all the changes people had suggested but still it will go offline for unknown duration multiple times a day. love all the features but this connection issue is def causing issue when using it as a security camera to do live monitoring.

Stays connected, no issues.

We are aware some users are experiencing connection issues and we are actively working on this! Any information or troubleshooting you can help us with is greatly appreciated, although troubleshooting can sometimes require some network information. I recommend emailing so we can work with you 1 on 1 and keep the network information private instead of on a public forum. If this doesn’t work for you, no problem! We will keep working on a fix so we can have this solved soon!

Thanks looking forward to a fix on this issue. Hopefully it will be soon and you can circle back and let us know.

Since I am in a different location then my cameras I have not called customer support. However just thinking about my problem of the 5 cameras I have 4 of the 5 cameras have connection problems, currently 2 cameras are not working BUT I still receive notifications when something is going on. It will record the alert and I can view the video, that is the thing I do not get, why can I not connect but it still records and sends me notifications?? My daughter unplugged the 2 problem cameras 3 weeks ago, they worked fine for 7 days and still are working, but then 2 different cameras stopped working and are still down.

I have the Eero home wifi mesh system (1 hub and 2 beacons) and my cameras took some initial time to settle in when initially connecting them up with the QR codes. They have been connected for a week now and I have only seen the occasional message that stays at connecting to the camera (part 1 of 3). I usually quit the app on my phone and try a few more times and then it works.

You could try moving around your house to get your phone connected to a different mesh point (possibly the same mesh point the camera with difficulty is on) to see if that helps at the current time.

Thanks for the suggestion however I only have one wifi network with one extender and all of the cameras are connected to the one extender. On both of my devices iPad and iPhone I have removed the app and reinstalled with no success on connecting to the devices. Currently 2 of the 5 cameras will not connect.

If you have SD cards in the cameras, try removing them and leave them out.

Had my cameras (2) for about 2 months now. When on the same network, I almost never get connection issues. Sometimes it gets stuck, I cancel and try again and it works.

However, when I am away using either a LTE or wifi connection, one of my cameras almost never connect. That is the one with the 2.30 firmware. My other camera which is on the 102 firmware, I rarely (if ever) get any connection issues even while I am away. I am thinking of downgrading the firmware to 102 on the faulty camera using the procedures outlined within the beta section of this forum.