Trouble staying connected

Good Morning Wyzers,

I have had my Wyze Cam V2 for sometime now. Last year, I believe after a firmware update, I started loosing wifi connection for no apparent reason. I rerun the setup, it finds my 2.4GHz SSID and connects. It stays connected for maybe 5-10 min, then looses connection.

Has anyone else run into this situation? I haven’t tried using my camera for a couple of months now. I really want to use it again. Any help would be great!

At the top right of the Wyze website is the “Support” section. There are a lot of support articles there. A quick search on “connectivity” gave me this. Let us know if that has the answer for you, or not.


I am still not finding any reference to anyone who has connection with wifi and then it is dropped.
I have power-cycled my router and verified the wifi is functioning properly.
Maybe a firmware upgrade along the way created an issue.
I don’t know.

How many cameras do you have at that location?