Survey of WyzeCam owners

Is there anyone who has not had connection issues?

I am on my fifth camera (two returns -so far) and have not had a reliable connection with all the reinstalling, restarting, unplugging, hard resetting, standing on my head, etc.

Never once had a connection issue. I have two cams. Both are in decent proximity to my router, and I have super fast internet.

See my response in your other post:

I got two cameras last week and I’ve had zero connection issues thus far.

I did prior to firmware and app update. I have not since.

I have two cameras outdoors and with a good WiFi signal, I have been good. I have steel siding and radio waves just don’t like going through. Use a WiFi analyzer on your phone or tablet to check the signal strength at the camera’s location. Test at different times of the day. Don’t rely on “it’s only 10 feet away” thinking.

I have four cameras and have never had an issue. I have excellent wireless coverage though.

I have four cameras (two inside, two outside) in opposite corners of my house and never any connection issues.

… now those $200+ Arlos that I have… they lose connection once every couple weeks. They make for decent paperweights though.

Do you think it could be your router?