Erratic connection issues either through app or through wireless signal

I have installed three Wyze Cams V2 around my house and each one seems to have erratic connection issues within the app. I keep getting connection issues or error code:-90 messages through the app. Other times, I’ll be able to connect. I did recently replace a wireless router, but I did resync cameras through the app. I did not have these connection issues with my previous router though, so I’m wondering if it was the signal boost from the last router. I have two cameras enclosed in a box, but both are underneath roof overhang and out of the sun, because I was speculating it may be overheating, but the indoor camera also has connection issues through the app too, so I’m wondering if there is an issue with the app itself. Not sure if anyone is looking into these recurring issues, but I imagine there are other folks having similar problems.

I don’t know if you are familiar with how much WiFi signal strength you got on your mobile devices at the farthest points in your house with your old router, but you might check that with your new router. I bought an ASUS router to replace my old one, and signal strength was weak on the other side of my house. I took that back and replaced it with a Netgear, and that one is solid. If your new router isn’t as strong as your old router I can see that as being a possibility.

One way to isolate the problem to either the camera or the WiFi is to bring the camera in the same room as the router and see if the problem persists, I know there is one corner of my house furthest away from the router gives me signal problems and I need to order a WiFi range extender for that area.


Another possibility would be too many clients on the 2Ghz band perhaps? The indoor camera is around 15-20 feet away from router and still has connection issues from time to time through the app. Another outdoor camera is right about the router about 10-12 feet up. I just installed another one pointing at the back door. I would say the cameras are all within a 25-35 foot radius of the router. Changing routers is a possibility, but I don’t have any issues connecting with other devices. I have a range extender I can try to install to see if it makes any difference, but it’s all just whack a mole at this point troubleshooting.

I posted a thread last night on a similar issue. I’ve plugged in 3 Wyze cams and have experienced connection issues also. With just 2 plugged in it’s not so bad but still intermittent connection issues.

I’m in the process of trying to collect some performance data on my WLAN but I have a hard time believing it’s my WLAN (Linksys EA8300) with the issue since I had no issues with having 3 TrendNET wireless cameras I replaced with the 3 Wyze cameras.

I guess the question is could the Wyze cam really be sending that much streaming data, more than any other wireless cameras, that could be causing wireless congestion on the 2.4 GHz band?

I received this response from Wyze Cam for ticket support.

Hi Nam,

I’m sorry for the delayed response. We’ve been getting a higher volume of emails lately, and it’s taking us a bit longer to reply to everyone. Thank you for your patience!

While it’s difficult to immediately rule out an issue with the camera itself, I’d like to start by requesting a quick network diagnostic that I’ll escalate with this ticket to our Tier 2 support team.

We have a partnership with a third party app called RouteThis that will treat your phone like a Wyze Cam, trying to ping our server using the same connections as a camera, so we can narrow down where the issue is occurring. (That information is available upon request) If you are willing to partake, here are the instructions for that -

Please download the free RouteThis Helps app from your devices App Marketplace.

When it prompts for a code please type “WYZE”, it is not case sensitive. The app will auto cap all input.

Once you have done this, please follow these steps:
Place the device the RouteThis app is on next to the camera you are having issues with.
Please confirm your device is attached to the WiFi you are setting the camera up to and next to the camera’s setup location.
Press the start button, which for most people should be labeled “I Moved It”
The scan will take about 4-5 minutes.
Once the scan is complete it will produce a code, please copy that code and send it to us in the reply to this email.

I’m escalating this ticket to our Tier 2 support team for review. Once they’ve had a chance to analyze the test results, they’ll reach out to you with the best troubleshooting option to start with.


Have a great day!

I went ahead and purchased another router that was similar to my last one and will setup to see if there is any difference with connectivity. I haven’t tried their RouteThis suggestion yet, but will perform this before installing the new router to see if there is any difference with regard to network connectivity.

You may want to get a ticket started with them if you are having similar issues to do some diagnostics. I will update whether or not the new router made any difference and also the RouteThis diagnostic findings.