Connection issues (Wyze server issues) are back, Again

One of five cameras is exhibiting the same connection and streaming issues a lot of us experienced back in January and February.

Four of my cameras connect and start streaming within 3 to 4 seconds, this is normal. One camera will cycle slowly thru 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3 attempting to connect, but never connect and start streaming. Occasionally it will show an image, but bit rate is 0.0KBs. The problem only exists when using remote WiFi. When on the same SSID WiFi as the cameras, connection and streaming start within 3 to 4 seconds as normal.

Again, as earlier, connection and streaming works better, but still slower than normal, using a VPN.

Power cycling the misbehaving camera has no effect.

Looks like Wyze’s server issues are back.

Anyone else have this issue?

I am not. Have you submitted a support ticket?

Are you getting any error codes? If so, what are they?

Thanks for your responses.

No, I haven’t submitted a support ticket yet. Was just wondering if others were seeing the same problem again.

I’m not getting any error codes.

Using remote WiFi, four cameras take 3-4 seconds to connect and start streaming, the one camera takes 9+ seconds to connect and start streaming, then sometimes the streaming stops (0.0KBs). Had noticed this same camera getting slower connecting over the last several days. However, when connecting using the same SSID WiFi as the cameras, all five cameras connect in about 2 seconds.

This is the same as the earlier connection issues where some, but not all of my cameras had difficulty connecting over remote WiFi. That time Wyze resolved the issue with changes to their servers.

I saw a post on the Wyze FB group this morning that someone was experiencing this auth/connect failure, so I checked my cams over cellular. I did experience the failure; however, a retry succeeded. I have checked intermittently throughout the morning with most connection attempts succeeding on the first try. But yeah, it felt just like the earlier issue.

Yes it started this morning on my V2 Cams much the same as the late February early March when Wyze had to rebalance their servers. I hope it don’t last as long as the last time.

I was having issues with one, only to discover my goats :goat::goat::goat::goat: had chewed through the cord. But seriously, I have been having problems yesterday and today. Yesterday they would just drop, thought I was having internet problems. Today, I’ve monitoring through tinycam and different cameras keep dropping in the app, sometimes all of them. I have not had this problem before, and thought it might be because I added a 4th cam to the app today. On my phone in the wyze app, those same cameras seem to be working, though I have had one or two stop and one in particular not want to come back online. They do seem to be slower in loading up as well.

Submitted a support request reporting the issue by referencing this thread.

Support Ticket #: 200695

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Thanks for bringing it up! We are investigating


Hi, we had one issue with one server yesterday afternoon. There were two backup servers went up to cover the gap but that created a dip on connection rate for a few hours. It should be backed up now. If you continue encounters issues, let us know. Thanks!


Hey, at least load balancing and HA are working correctly!

Issue update, this is what I’m seeing this morning.

I was seeing a slight improvement this morning, but connection times, using remote WiFi, are still not back to the times after this same issue was corrected last time. Connection times were consistently 3 to 4 seconds on all my cameras.

First thing this morning (7:00 AM CDST) three of my five cameras connect using remote WiFi in 3 to 4 seconds and stream without issue. The camera I reported on yesterday connected in 5 to 6 seconds, but would stop streaming (0.0KBs) after a few seconds, then attempt to reconnect at 360P for about 10 seconds, connect for a few seconds then stop streaming again.

As I post this, the issue I reported yesterday, of poor connection times and the streaming freezing, has returned to the same camera as yesterday.

Another camera which was 3 to 4 seconds yesterday, today takes 5 to 6 seconds, but will continue to stream.

All five cameras connect in 2 to 3 seconds and stream without issue when using the same SSID WiFi the cameras are connected to.

If I can run any tests or provide specific information, let me know.

Hey all. When you use your wifi on your phone and check the live stream in your house, how much kb/s does it show? Right now im in same room where wyze is on and it seems to go from as low as 10kb/s to 73kb/s or so? Example right now it keeps going from 21.6kb/s to 46kb/s to 73kb/s and keeps going between these numbers. Is that right? Why does it not just stay at say a range of certain number?

What kb/s are you getting on your wyzecam when using wifi inside your house?

What kb/s are you getting on your wyzecam when using data on your phone outside your house? I assume the kb/s on your data is always less than on your phone right? What about what is the minimum kb/s it has to be so there is no lag at all?

Issue update 12:45 PM CDST

All five of my cameras are now connecting and starting to stream in 3 to 4 seconds, over remote WiFi, and continue to stream without stopping. Looks like the issue is resolved. My thanks to Wyze support. Will let you know if anything changes.

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These are the data rates (KB/s) I’m seeing over remote WiFi. Don’t have good LTE coverage, so can’t give you any info on LTE.

Cam 1- 73 to 110 (looking thru glass to outside)

Cam 2- 66 to 102 (looking thru 2 panes glass to outside)

Cam 3- 76 to 120 (inside garage)

Cam 4- 76 to 115 (looking thru glass & screen to outside)

Cam 5- 4 to 25 (looking thru glass & screen to outside)

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@cornarch51 Thank you very much for testing and sharing the info! The service should be back now. If you encounter any issue, let us know.