Wyze connection issues etc

I now own six or seven Wyze cams and seriously considering trashing every one of them due to not being able to connect or reconnect or when connecting maintaining connections. Seriously; I have several different models but finding they all just too much hassle. I have the new outdoor PTZ, the OG, and several V3s (will need to do an item specific inventory. All hardware and a few extra swivel mounts, window mounts etc etc. Seriously.

Sorry your having issues with you cams, we can try out best to help you solve the connection issues.

Are you having this issue with all your cams, or are there any that are working fine?

Did this just start, or has it been happening since you got the first cam?

Did it start happening after adding a specific cam?

And can you describe the issue a bit more, is it taking a long time to load the livestream, is the livestream stopping/failing?



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In my experience, slow loading and disconnections is a product of the WiFi network. I had a weak network when I first started with 6 cams and they were very slow to load and locked up when viewing on a regular basis. Wyze cams and devices need a robust WiFi network.

I have since upgraded my Wifi twice and now have over 20 cams and 75+ Wyze devices on a two node Mesh WiFi. I only have 2 cams that are slow to load because they are at the outer reaches of my sattelite node and have a lower than desired signal strength.

If your WiFi is weak, overloaded, overextended, or in a high interference area, it may be contributing to your streaming issues.


Thank you for the response. I have no doubt I’m stretching my IoT to the limit. Some of these have worked fairly well for a quite a while now but it seems the newer, OG and PTZ cams are giving me problems. The OG cam I have yet to use due to an update software message that continues to fail. I also have several V3s that are now erratic as far a getting connections and staying connected.
Tomorrow a professional security/IT company is coming to install additional outdoor APs that will basically cover my entire property, approx 5-6 acres. Since I already have a wired mid-level system with 10 cameras, which include two very large PTZ cams, I bought the Wyze cams to focus on specific (pets) and indoor areas. Hopefully I will know more after they analyze my entire systems. Just FYI, I have Spectrum internet with two modems (inhouse and in a workshop) and the inhouse I bought another level of service. Again, thanks for your interest and I will keep you apprised of my progress.

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Have you tried power cycling every device? Pull the power cord for 30 seconds on the modem, WiFi access Point, Wyze cams. See if that helps before your IT company arrives.

Thanks Steven … I have tried all the above several times. Works sometimes but not consistent.

Next time when same connection issue happens. Could you please help me collect sd card logs for one or two of these cameras?


Exactly how do I send this log? I have tried and retried every method available, it just won’t connect.

If you have a micro sd card and a reader in your computer you can insert the card, wait for a sound, remove it, then put it in your computer. Copy everything in the logs directory and send it to Desmond

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I too have a pan cam V3 (I think that is what the OP, medward4, was referring to).

When I first hooked it up (about Jan 24th) it was occasionally slow to respond but the temps were freezing and it was outside. But my Pan V2 had performed well under the same conditions.
Response has declined greatly. I am now getting frequent time outs when I attempt to access it and “drops” and temps are in the 70°F and above.

What is the procedure to clear/reset the log file to reduce it’s size?