Wyze Camera connection issue during day


I have 32 Cam v3 camera and 3 wyze router but I have issue to stream it locally or outside during the day. Everything works fine until 8am and then it will slow down or not available (7 cameras cannot stream) . around 9PM it works again.
The interesting thing is that camera closest to the router will go out too.

My internet is 200MPB up and down fiber.

Can you explain why this is happening.


I would suggest looking at the Wyze router interface (I’d expect it to have one) and see if they’re connected as expected and how the quality of the connection is.

With all that stuff though there’s even a possibility that its negatively affecting your local network in some way or something else on your network is.

All those cams will also be constantly spamming your network, internet, and Wyze servers so its difficult to say how that will work out for everyone. I can only picture some people having problems from it and others saying something like I’ve never seen a problem from it.

Well, I will add that depending on how you have the Wyze routers used, they can pump back into your main router and it could be kicking things or whatever as it gets complex. In fact, networking is a beast all its own. But, this is also part of the reason why I say the next thing.

There is more but I’m not adding more.

I have Verizon fois with a lorex and no problem . I also have 9wyze cameras and the issue is the same as you with wyze. I also have arlo and ring with no issues only wyze and that’s with 1 ghz up and down

This is what is has come too. So we all have bull s””t internet. lol. This is such a joke.

No don’t blame it on the fire storm we just had. It’s been ever since the breach house school program we they have

The point that SeaStream was trying to make has little to nothing to do with your Internet connection - and almost everything to do with your WiFi capabilities.
For example, if you have a (by today’s standards) old crappy WiFi that is only good for 11 Mb/s, that is the bottleneck - NOT the Internet connection. Does not matter how good your Internet connection is, if your WiFi is only good for a fairly small bandwidth. Those two are largely unrelated. Back in the old days when we were running DSL for Internet (maybe a couple Mb/s), an 802.11b WiFi was blazing fast with it’s 11 Mb/s for your local traffic (local computer to local computer file transfer or local computer to printer for example). But now with fiber to home of several Gigabit / sec, that same WiFi seems as slow as molasses in freezing weather. We’re also trying to move massively more bandwidth than we did 15 years ago.

30 cameras will choke an 802.11b WiFi without even trying very hard.

Even when i had 12 cameras had same issues. The only thing on routers are the camera and nothing else.


I am going to suggest a sampling to see if it help/makes a difference. When the problem starts, try removing and restoring power to 2-3 of those problem one. See if this makes a difference.

Many of us that have been using more than a dozen Wyze cams do this regularly. We add a wifi plug so we can remotely or on a schedule, shutdown, wait 2-3 min and start them again. This shutdown and restarts refreshes that network connection and us usually helpful.

Hi Sam,

I have to tried restart router but nothing happen. Also i tried to restard camera in mornning but in after same thing. I will try to unplug couple and let you know.


@amir.eshraghi , I’m not trying to be petty. But there’s a difference between remove power, and restore power than restart the camera. Sort of like - ah, er, actually just like shutting down your computer then starting your computer vs reboot your computer. Rebooting doesn’t completely clear memory and allow a fresh start of some services. No offense intended, but let me be clear. Remove power. Might even give it 3-4 minutes to cool down, then plug power back in.

I am running 18 camera. That’s about 4 X more than what I need. Some are for fun. I have WiFi plugs on all of them. As a matter of fact, I have 8 on one WiFi Plug. There’s about 5 120v extension cords that go out to at least 4 multi-port 2.3+ amp power sources. This allows me to listen for Alexa to inform me, when she can’t fresh one of the “show Camxx on Show 2”, the second time that I hear this in 20+ minutes, I know the wifi plug needs a shutdown and back on.

I spend too much time in front of my computer screen, on a cabinet long a wall, I have 4 Echo Show 8’s 1st gen and 2 Echo Show 5’s 1st gen. Between 4 each different Alexa Routines that run copies 4 times during the day, for 3 hours each, they display 8 camera swapping different views around the yard and streets. I learned from some Smart Home gurus that I can stack that show camxx on Echo Show 2 command more than a dozen times separated by 12-15 minute intervals to refresh the screen with a camera.

I learned by trial and error, that the Show 1st gen is superior to the Show 2nd gen. The 2nd gen will minimize the screen to 1/5th is full size after 10 minutes. Something unique (wrong) in their software. So, I only use 1st gen’s. Don’t know about 3rd gen. (Don’t care)

Basically I monitor 4 V3 cams on the app. I open the app and a video is showing from each cam. I select any cam and the video stream can work or fail. I view a different s cam stream with a click on it and it works. Click on previous cam again and it works. Click h back to cam group and 3 of 4 can fail to load. Close the app and reopen. All cams load. Very frustrating. My cams are in a group so if I click on the group I view all 4 cams on the app at once.
Looks like authorization fails when switching cams. My WiFi is FiOS with a router and extender. No weak signals to the cams.

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