No longer live feed on V2 cameras

I have taken down my three useless Wyze cameras as they no longer give a live feed only a 15-20 second delay. Total waste of money for these pieces of junk. Done with Wyze and will buy some real cameras not junk crap . When new it did have live feed but not now.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues. I have a number of V2 cameras still being used without issue and they have been deployed for a few years.

Not sure if you are willing to troubleshoot them anymore, but, have you updated the Wyze app and the Camera Firmware to the latest versions?


My fixed-view V2s still in use also are in lock step with my fixed-view V3s. What device and OS are you viewing them on? What is the make and model of your router? Also wouldn’t hurt to power-cycle it.


Yeah, so I’m seeing the same thing. I just flashed the normal firmware back and its seeing a 13 second delay give or take with it to the Wyze app. It didn’t do that last year.

Changed as I’m not wanting to get into other things here.

Well, I got a fix. Its rather horrible lol.

Need to drop to 360p and restart the stream. Putting in HD causes the delay as the seconds tick on. I suppose from either a firmware issue or server side issue. At 360p its < 1 sec. Maybe 500ms.

I literally run with everything disabled but the streaming so it shouldn’t be happening. And it didn’t previously. Plus 300Mbps internet and the Wyze cam and display device have their full wifi speed (I can pull down 70 or 80GB an hour locally on the display device plus Wyze cams are supposed to create a local loop). Firmware or servers is my best guess.

Definitely warranted to grab a cam from another company. Getting the Wyze cams stable is quite crazy.

What’s your upload speed?

Symmetrical. 300Mbps :wink:

Wyze dropped live view bit rate from 120kb/s to 2-10kb/s. to save server routing capacity.

That makes sense if they were going broke from the low price. I’m not sure why else they’d negatively restrict and hurt their product design when using normal things (HD is normal today) besides a bug or something out of their control. Unless Wyze posted something about that.

It still doesn’t explain the fact that it should be creating a local loop (point-to-point as I forgot the wording they used) and still has it. A different router doesn’t affect it any. So its still seems to be either firmware or the local loop isn’t working right and getting trashed from the servers.

Not true. I’m getting 130kb/s right now on HD. Where did you read this change was made?

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As long as your on the same WiFi and you don’t have any vlans or firewall rules preventing this, p2p should work great.

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