V3 Cant show live video feed

Hoping someone can answer this. So I bit the bullet and bought a few V3’s to upgrade the night vision on my V2’s. I can see the cameras with no issues on tiny cam, but they just refuse to load in live view on the Wyze app, they just show getting video data until they time out. Wifi sits at 120 down and 22up via the AP on phone. The V2’s never had a problem. I can sometimes get it to work with rebooting AP or power cycle but never guaranteed. I get alerts on motion etc. but just cant view as it wont load. Firmware is 252.

anyone got any ideas on this

Fixed. Re-installed the wyze app. Seems to have fixed this, so far. Weird, cause the v2’s all still connected fine.

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just incase someone else runs into this same issue it’s good for the community to know what the problems were.

what router do you have by chance?

I have UK Virgin hub in modem mode + archer as router + BT Wi-Fi discs for Wi-Fi, convoluted I know, but it works well.