Wyze Cam V 3 issues versus Wyze Cam V 2 Issues

Good evening all,

I have used three hardwired V2 cameras for the past two years outside (enclosed in case) with zero issues to report. I just received three V3 cameras as I was impressed by the wider view and the new starlight feature which were a major selling point to me. I set all three cameras up and placed them in the same location as the V2s using the same connecting power source. All three were also updated with the most recent firmware. Three 32GB SD cards were also placed in the V3s that had previously worked in the V2s without incident.

Two of the V3s are working as they should including playback with the SD cards that I did not have to reformat in any way. My third V3 is located the farthest from my router and is located twenty feet high on the gable. The V2 worked flawlessly in the same location. Unfortunately my V3 is having major connection issues. Keeps freezing and stalling before showing 0.0KB/s. I will go to playback and it will tell me no SD card is installed. I will go into detection settings and set it up, however it will not let me exit the page, before it resets everything. I will power cycle everything and then all of the features will work for a few minutes including playback for the SD card. However all of my issues will reoccur a short time later. I also note that the sensitivity levels are ridiculous even at one and the nonstop notifications are tiresome.

The wider view and color night vision are great, however it is very frustrating as my third camera location is the most important as it watches over my vehicles. I would expect the V3 to be superior in every way to the V2 including wifi connection. I do not think I should have to pay for a wifi extender as I own six Wyzecams and was one of the first original purchasers. I am going to switch two of the cameras around to see what happens when the weather breaks. Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated

Have you tried temporarily swapping either of the two other v3 cameras to that location to see if they have the same connection issue?

Looking a the difference in the v2 vs. v3 antenna (that I’ve seen posted elsewhere in the forum), I have to wonder if the connection problems with some v3 units might have less to do with design and more to do with a possible flaw in manufacturing (e.g., defective solder connection).

Going to switch two tomorrow and see what happens. If I experiencing the same issues I may order a wifi extender to see if that helps. Will update on progress.

I utilize a Google WiFi Nest Web with one point and have no issues at all with either my V.2 or V.3 cams…

One other thing I noticed that wasn’t in their ads for the v3 is that there is no way to plug in a bridge to connect to sensors. Possibly because they no longer sell the sensors (not sure). I haven’t been able to buy any on their website for a while now.

So I switched two of my cameras around and it appeared that my issues are connected to Wi-Fi reception as camera is 50 feet away from Verizon FiOS router. The V2 worked flawlessly in the same location. Can anyone recommend a Wi-Fi extender or mesh system that works with existing Fios quantum gateway?

I also noted that one of my V3 cameras located to cover my front door and pathway appears to be working however it is not picking persons walking through the detection zone. My V2 also never had this issue either. I am still getting a crazy amount of notifications false and otherwise to the point where I have to turn the notifications off. This defeats the purpose as I use my cameras for security monitoring.

Any tips appreciated and I hope there is an update in the works.

My person notification needs work, too. To be clear, a CAR is NOT a person! My cam v.3 confuses the two constantly. In addition, It captures “faces” that are actually tires! It is frustrating. My Google Nest Web works very well with v.3.

I am having same connection issues and I have swapped two of my V2 cams which both connect perfectly, and my new V3 can not connect at either spot. Bottom line, my V3 can not get more than about 15 feet from my very powerful router. I have a large 3000 Sq ft. ranch style (long) home and all my V2’s can connect easily at any point in the home (as can all my other wifi gear). There is clearly something very wrong with the antenna or other hardware in my unit.

I ended up buying a Netgear WiFi extender for around 50 bucks from Walmart and that boosted the signal throughout my home so cameras function ok. Still receiving way to many false notifications unfortunately and the person detection AI was missing many people and events walking up to my house. My free Cam plus trial ended and I found out that the person detection offered to early users is limited to the V2s and does not carry over to the V3s. I already pay Cam plus for my outdoor camera and do not feel like paying for four cameras especially when the reliability has been sketchy at best. Considering a reinstall of my V2s as their detection settings were more accurate and person detection was included. Will be sad to give up the starlight vision and wider angle lens.

Starting to look at competitors now, even though I have been a loyal customer from the beginning.