Wyze V3 not stable on network

I have 5 running wyze cameras and a week ago I added two V3 cameras. These new cameras are however not stable on the network, they fail to connect multiple times a day while all the older models are fine. I’m on the verge of returning them. Is anyone else having this problem?


I was having a problem with my V3. Wouldn’t get past the 3/3. Had other connection problems till last night. Seems to be better today. Is that similar to what you’re dealing with?

Yes im seeing the same thing. It appears the wifi radio is not as strong or perhaps a firmware update van increase the power going to the wifi radio.

Another thing I noticed is when uploading a video to cam plus the live view lags very badly and the image degrades blurry pixelayted. After the event is uploaded the image seems to ear up and the live footage is not as choppy.

yes - but I find that doing a power cycle will get the device to connect. But ultimately the same thing happens again a short time later.

I’ve seen a few people have this same problem now including myself. Seems like it might be a software issue since the cam does connect, it just seems to disconnect later on. If I reset the camera in the settings it comes back for a bit. The wifi connection in the details page reads 3 bars though. There is a firmware update but nothing about the connection issue.

Wyze Cam v3 Version:


What’s New:

  • Improved local storage stability
  • Improved 360p image quality especially for grouped cameras
  • Improved image quality
  • Improved time lapse stability
  • Added Spotlight support
  • Fixed a bug that caused motion outside of the detection zone to trigger an Event
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I had a similar issue with 2 of 3 of my new v3 cameras. I set up all three while sitting next to my router and they worked fine. I took them to the same location of my v2 cameras, which were working fine, and replaced them, However, 2 of the v3 cameras would not connect. I relocated a network extender to my garage and now that v3 camera connects, but I still have a v3 cam that will not connect. My conclusion is that the v3 cams do not have the same range as the v2 cams.

I also noticed that the v3 cam does not have the fine grain detection zone feature that v2 has (i.e. v3 zone is a solid rectangle while the v2 allows areas withing the detection zone to be excluded).

I have logged a customer support incident reporting this for myself and advising this community discussion, and the conclusion that the wireless functionality for V3 is not satisfactory, suggesting a firmware update to address it. It will be helpful if others would do similar.
On your app - go to the camera - settings - wyze Support - Submit a log - connectivity issues.



Having the same issues which is a shame. The camera itself seems to be a huge upgrade from v2 but still some bugs…

I got this same problem.

What makes this worse is it’s a stealth problem. I do not know there is a problem unless i try to connect to the camera. While this happens I do not get notifications when the camera is triggered. THIS IS THE WORST PART BECAUSE IT MAKES ME NOT TRUST THE LACK OF NOTIFICATIONS. It will stay in this state and not correct itself without a power cycle.

I had to put a rule in to restart every hour for one camera and I had to install a network extender closer to the other v3 to get it stable but that really did get that camera working consistently.
I got a message from support that they were aware of the problem and that they were working on it.

I’m having the same problem. Both of my V3s randomly get stuck at step 3 of 3 and never connect. When this happens they don’t record to SD either. After a reboot they work again for a while, maybe a couple hours, before it happens again. Once or twice the camera will start working but usually I have to reboot. These replaced V2s at the same exact location, those never had connection issues.

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You could set up a rule to have it restart every hour. 1 rule for each hour. That helps.

Thanks, I may have to do that. Hope they get this resolved soon.

One of mine is doing same thing, the other 4 work great

Same here, two V3’s unstable (one worse than the other). I am able to use the app to restart the Cams, so there is some connectivity. I’ve sent several logs, but if it keeps up, I’ll open a ticket. I’ve moved (several times) the router and extender to see if that helps and the instability seemed to move to the other Cam. We have a Nor’easter tonight, so I’ll see how they handle real weather.

Stay warm!

Storm was fine. But both cams lost connectivity. Was able to re-establish connection a few times. One cam kept losing live video and now won’t fully connect. It ended up off-line and I power cycled it to no avail. At one point, I checked the IP address and the network subnet was displayed, so I power cycled the cam and the extender. I am opening a ticket now and referenced this discussion, so they are aware others are affected. I also ran the route this helps app for the support team.

Don’t know if others get this, but events for the cam affected will show in the app (I’m on Beta), but will not play from the cloud, nor will live video. And attempts to playback events or live video seem to end the recording of events.

It’s disappointing because their products have been of high quality and I’ve bought almost everything they have offered. Given their history however I’m going to give them slack to deal with the problem, hopefully via a firmware update.

Both my cams maintained connection through the storm but one went completely offline today. Had to pull the plug to get it back online.

I too, was hoping it’s firmware fixable. Just loaded both cams to Both cams connected right away. Hope it stays.

One thing I noticed under Device Info. The WiFi strength is showing zero bars. Checked a wyze bulb near the troublesome cam and it shows three bars. I might check this more often to see if it’s always like this.

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