WyzeCam v3 won’t connect to app

I received two new WyzeCam v3’s on Thursday and was really excited to get them hooked up to replace one of my v2s and add to my setup, but I can get neither to connect to the app. Both will go through the connection process and the cam says “Setup complete”, but they never actually connect to the app and if I wait several minutes I get a connection error in app.

Have tried resetting router, re-running setup for the Cam multiple times, tried the other one, both display the same behavior. I literally cannot do anything with them because I can’t access them. I emailed into support Friday and still no word. Anyone experienced the same and any tips? Note this is 2.4ghz and I have 2 cam v2, 2 pan cams and a wyze lock so I know the network works.

Any tips would be helpful. I really want to get these setup!


Hello I’ve been having some issues with the cam v3 on my is just loading for ever and some times after 10 min I’ll connect but it disconnects after few min our most of the time it never stops loading and said error 20 only having trouble with this model all other model connects instantly i have send messege to wyze customers service but haven’t got answers


I’ve tried Force close app and power cycle. But non of them have worked

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Same, nothing works. I’m about to send mine back because I have two paperweights and clearly no one from Wyze has time to offer any actual support…

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I had a similar issue with 2 of 3 of my new v3 cameras. I set up all three while sitting next to my router and they worked fine. I took them to the same location of my v2 cameras, which were working fine, and replaced them, However, 2 of the v3 cameras would not connect. I relocated a network extender to my garage and now that v3 camera connects, but I still have a v3 cam that will not connect. My conclusion is that the v3 cams do not have the same range as the v2 cams.

I also noticed that the v3 cam does not have the fine grain detection zone feature that v2 has (i.e. v3 zone is a solid rectangle while the v2 allows areas withing the detection zone to be excluded).


Yeah I’m planning to return the v3 I’m thinking that they rush to get it out and forget to fully tested and probably this v3 its made cheap and wyze customer service its terrible


It’s really sad. V2 was great but this is poor leadership. Releasing too much too fast and ignoring the issues.


I have a bunch of Wyze cams and just received two V3 and am getting the same setup is complete from the cameras but the app fails to connect. I emailed support but based on others having the exact same issue, if I do not hear back from them within a couple days, I will be returning both of them. This is very disappointing as I have many of their products and have been happy with them until now :frowning:

Update: Got it to work by upgrading my Wyze app which now has a separate option for setting up the V3.


Yes I have the previous cameras and they all work perfectly even if there on 5 ghz network no problem but this v3 its a problem I’m thinking they rush them out and forgot to fully test them out before shipping them


That solved it!!!

The latest app update allows you to connect specifically to a v3 cam and now it’s working. Wyze should definitely add this to the troubleshooting guide.

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Ok so I need to update the wyze app to be able to used the v3 ??

Ok i have the 2.15.51

Scroll down the list, you’ll see the V3 option.

That worked for me. I just downloaded the app version which was updated
Dec. 15th 2020

Well whaddya know? Updated app works you say? You are correct sir. Thank you. I feel pretty dumb. I didn’t even have to reinstall cam. Updated app and v3 was there working fine ready for an update.