Wyze Cam V3 that was removed will not re-connect

I purchased a Wyze Cam V3 on 1/28/2021. I connected it to my Wyze app and my WiFi briefly to test it and then removed it and stored it as a spare. Today I tried to add it again and have had no success after several hours of trying. The details follow:

I’m unable to connect a Wyse Cam v3 to my network. My recently updated Wyze app, (V2.22.21) resides on my iPhone Xs. My network already has a Cam Pan and another Cam v3 which all connected without issue and have been running for months with no problems. I also have 4 Wyze Plugs that are working well. All devices (except for the one that won’t connect) have the latest firmware. When I try to add the new Cam v3, I successfully get past the point of scanning the QR code with the camera. Then it says “Connecting”. The Blue light flashes for several minutes but the connection fails.

I have triple-checked the WiFi router’s SSID and password that I entered into the Setup procedure. My Wifi is a TP-Link Deco mesh system which uses the same SSID for both its 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHz bands. After several failures, to make certain the Cam was trying to connect at 2.4 GHz, I temporarily disabled the 5 GHz band on the Wifi router and reconnected my phone to it at the slower speed. This did not help the Cam v3 to connect at all. (Incidentally, all the previous Wyse device additions I’ve made automatically connected at 2.4 GHz without my manually disabling the router’s 5 GHz band. As did my 8 or 10 various 2.4 GHz-only home automation devices.)

I also did a factory reset on the Cam v3. That did not help either.

I then updated the Wyze app on my iPad and attempted the connect. No luck there either.

I followed all the troubleshooting tips on the Wyze automated support chat and nothing has helped.

I’m out of ideas and, given how easy my previous Wyze device connects have been, I’m feeling quite confident that the camera is defective.

Please help.

I JUST NOW updated my Wyze app to the newly released “bug fix” version V2.22.32. Didn’t help!

Did you disable cellular data and private network on your phone?

The firmware you have is probably old try to add the new firmware with the manual method

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Is there an SD card in the problem V3? Try removing it.

No. Neither.

No SD card. But thanks for the reply. In fact, I’m about to buy an SD card so I can attempt the manual firmware update as suggested by Antonius.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve downloaded the firmware file and have ordered an SD card so I can try the manual firmware update.

Well then I’m suggesting you try that. :wink:

Certainly before you buy a card and start flashing.

I’ll try it. Cellular Data is easy to disable temporarily but I don’t see any setting for Private Network on my iPhone XS.

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iPhone Settings> Wi-Fi> tap the little blue information icon next to the network, You will see private there.

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That didn’t work either. At first I just I just disabled Cellular data and turned off Private network. The connection failed. Then I did a hard reset on the Cam v3 and on the iPhone I “Forgot” the connected WiFi network and then rejoined to make sure that Private was turned off. The camera just sat there for about 3 minutes until I got a Connect Failure notice. Guess I’m back to trying the firmware update. ButI’m getting more and more certain the camera has some hardware problem and needs to be replaced. As I originally said, I’ve never had any connection problems with other cameras, smart plugs, etc. before.

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We love to try to diagnose and help but the simple answer is you should probably get it replaced under warranty…

Put the new firmware on the cam, if it doesn’t work call support 1-206-339-9646 or 1 -844-999-3226. They are going to ask about what version of app and firmware you have anyway.

Go to your router settings for WIFI 802.11 and set it for “802.11 G only”.

My router default was " Mixed 802.11 a/b/g/n" which was forcing the cam to negotiate a connection and causing jitter and streaming delays.

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Hey Byroonie, I am having almost exactly the same problem. Have you had any luck on finding a solution? Good product. Terrible software