Cam V3 will not connect

Did latest updates on my cam V3 and now will not connect to internet. I did all the usual, unplug, removed sd card, factory reset and nothing works. Have 6 other cams, door lock, door bell that works fine. Must be s bug in the update !

Yes it is the firmware update.

So what is the process to get new release to my V3’s if I am locked out due to connectivity issues. It will always revert to “unable to connect”!

You probably need to Manually Flash back to older firmware. Here are the instructions.

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Looks like they should have a different firmware update track with more tests done. Regular users shouldn’t have gotten that one its looking like.

Just be aware not all sd cards work with the firmware update. If the light doesn’t go on (when you’re doing it right) then its not working and you need to try a different one.

Is there any update on a fix for Firmware
I still have two cameras that can’t be connected since the update.

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Did you ever find a solution? I have 10 cameras and 2 that went down after the same update. Only saying unable to connect. I have 12 cameras for 3 years with the process. Factory reset will not help !!

It was most likely not the firmware that caused the failure but an incomplete download or install of the firmware update file onto the cam. It may have a corrupt file onboard.

Have you tried the manual flash procedure @StevenA posted above

I resolved the issue by manually flashing back to the previous firmware version on the two failed cameras.

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Thanks for posting this. Downloaded the file for V3 and followed the instructions, however, at step 4, the light never turns purple. It goes red, then alternates between blue and red then goes to “ready to connect”. Any ideas?

Step 4: Hold the setup button, plug in your USB cable, keep holding the setup button for 3-6 seconds until the light is solid purple, then release the button.

The button can be tricky. Try pushing the button with a blunt object and have a helper plug the cable into power. Good luck.

SD Cards, in my experience, cause a majority of the issues with failed Firmware Flashes. I have purchased a brand in the past that, because of the wonky format on the card from the factory, absolutely refuses to Flash even though it is the correct size and format. These cards were also highly prone to failure. Here are some points to consider:

  1. You must Factory Reset the device without any SD Card and then unplug it prior to running each Flash attempt.
  2. It must be a card formatted to FAT32. Cards 32GB and smaller come factory formatted this way by industry standards, but you can never be sure with off brand discount cards.
  3. The card needs to be blank with the proper .bin file copied to the root. If you are renaming the file, be absolutely positive you aren’t adding an extension when you don’t have to.
  4. Be absolutely positive you have the correct .zip archive downloaded for your model Cam.
  5. If a card fails to flash, try a new card. Preferably a reputable brand.
  6. If a firmware version fails to flash, try a different version. While they may have been pulled from the download site, that doesn’t mean other users don’t have them archived for posterity.
  7. It isn’t a bad idea to completely reformat the card with a new FAT32 format. Not a Quick Format or a Format in the cam. These just erase the data and leave the old File Allocation Table in tact. A full hard reformat.
  8. Use a scanning utility program to scan the card for errors and issues to make sure it is 100% healthy.
  9. Be sure you are following the Flash procedure step by step. Press and hold while plugging it in. Continue holding only until both lights activate simultaneously to show purple.
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