Wyze 3 not connecting to network after firmware

I updated my cameras now they won’t connect. I spent hours trying to fix this. I’m going through a separation that I need To get this fixed. They said my camera isn’t under warranty so I need to get a new one. Any suggestion. Did a factory reset and still won’t connect. The other one won’t connect and haven’t done a factory reset. Was going to get a WiFi extender. Literally the cameras were FINE till the update and now nothing will work

Did you try loading the firmware with a 32GB or smaller SD card. Currently you only have to choices of firmware to download October 22 or October 25 2023.

It had one in there when it did the download. Both cameras. Now neither will connect.

Recovery of a Cam that has been knocked offline from a firmware update can only be accomplished by doing factory reset and manual firmware flash followed by a new setup.