Wyze V3 Problems with connection

I got 3 Wyze V3 shipped since Monday, Trying to add new device with my wyze app on Iphone, Even created a new account with new email. I always stuck at the last step, Cannot conected,. I also RESET my router give it a new name for wifi, enable Triband wifi network, 2.4GHz, 5Ghz, 5Ghz-1, . also disable 5G completely, it still doesn’t connect my brand new Wyze V3

i also had 5 cams with V2, Pan cam , nothing work i dont know what to do, manually update with memory card. still doesnt work for me. i spent so much $$ buy these low cost wyze came which doesn’t work for my used. i hope they have a store that fix these Cam or Technical Support Online… or on the Phone.

Temporarily disable all mobile data on the phone. Disable the “private network” feature. That’s all I can suggest.

I disable Private Address as well it still didn’t work, even Add filter Mac address of the Wyze cam , it still didn’t work