Wyze cam v3 only connects for live view when on wifi and not on mobile metwork

I have two Wyze cam v3 and two older gens. The two v3s used to have no issues connecting to my phone when I would be away from the house on mobile network but now all of a sudden they can’t connect when I’m away from home. When I’m home on WiFi it connects just fine. Every now and then it will connect when I’m on mobile network. The older gen’s connect with no issue when I’m away. I’ve already checked the iPhone settings and allowed Wyze app to use network. What can I do to be able to stream my camera when I’m away from home?

The most common cause of this is people using a VPN on their phone that is blocking it.

That unfortunately is not the issue.

Wyze is aware of this exact issue, they have came out and stated they have identified the root cause of the issue and are working on a solution. However it has been well over a month since the issue began and have not gotten much out of them regarding it further.

There are SEVERAL other threads with the EXACT same issues reported (me, myself being one) on the forums with more information. However, wyze hasnt fixed the issue internally yet.

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Please see my reply to this thread.

Unfortunately, at the moment. Nothing.

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