Can’t connect to live view via cellular

So I’ve set up my Wyze Pan Cam recently and it works great… provided I’m on the same wifi network.
This would be fine if I only intend to use it as a baby monitor. But I don’t have a baby. I wanted a security cam I could access from my iPhone while away.

If I leave home and try to connect via cellular or even another wifi network, I can’t get a live stream. The app just says it’s attempting to connect over and over. I’ve made sure to update the firmware to the latest version. I’ve deleted the cam from my devices on my account and re added it. Still the same result.

It’s kind of the point of having a security camera to be able to access the live stream when you’re AWAY from home. I’ve read a few topics on the same problem. Does anyone have a solution?

Not yet. Wyze devs are working on the issue.

Just follow the threads that sound similar and look for posts by @WyzeGwendolyn for updates on when a new app version might be publicly available.

Here are just a couple

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I have had this problem like many of us at one time or another due to weak mobile (4G LTE) signal. I solved this problem by setting the resolution while watching the live stream to 360p or SD. The resolution is in the rectangle at the left top corner above the camera live image and it is usually set to HD by default. HD works for me only when I’m at my home wireless network. By the way, the 360p image is still very good and usable.


I’ve had the same issue on 2 remote cameras for the last 6 weeks. Records motion to card inserted by no livestream. Rebooting camera doesn’t resolve. Both cameras set to 360p when configured. Hoping for a solution soon. Would a firmware downgrade help?

Yeah, I suspect that this is the same issue that we believe we’ve figured out. Thanks for the tag and sharing the info, sodcam!

@jkeithlee, would you like to send in a log by going to Account > Help & Feedback?

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log files sent

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I periodically, albeit infrequently, have the same problem. No live stream, all detection are reported.

I am pretty sure the problem is not with the cameras, but with the Wyze server, that is apparently overloaded.

I have 3 cameras in one location on vacant property and another camera at the property 5 miles away.
The same problem.

I apologize for stating what might be obvious to everybody, but not to me.
!. Do you have a data plan?
2. Is “Mobile Data” on your phone turned on?
3. Is your cellular provider “throttling” you because you’ve used too much data this month?

I have Unlimited data and yes, Cellular Data is turned on, Roaming Data is on and no throttling from cellular provider.

I’ve tried reducing the quality of my stream to 360p, But in all honesty, it shouldn’t be me who’s forced to compromise here. I bought a product from Wyze because I wanted to be able to monitor my home remotely. And according to the webpage… this cam should easily stream 1080p with the upload bandwidth I have available. It should have near real-time response rate with motion tracking. It should have two way communication while not at home. All of these are features advertised on the homepage. And yet none of that is available to me after buying and installing the product and then going through multiple iterations of resetting/updating/deleting and re-adding the cam to my iPhone.

I had a similar problem, called to support… Was tryinng to argue that its Wyze front end overload issue… as I have networking knowledge.

To make long story short
… I was wrong… The problem was the liw speed of my cell connection.

Try to test speed if your internet connection

I have a similar problem. I cannot connect to one of my cameras over cellular.
This is on android so I had my son try on his iPhone and works fine on cellular.
It is a wireless outdoor camera.

Looks like this thread has gone quiet for quite some time, but I am STILL experiencing CONSISTENT issues with connecting to all of my 14 cameras over AT&T cellular. And if I get lucky and am able to connect to a camera, the stream is VERY choppy and studders badly. Never able to have a clean consistent video stream.

And I have a strong theory as to what the issue may be. Forgive me if this has been previously raised by someone else, but I have not seen it.

Problem Summary:
When I am connected via local or remote Wifi either at home or at the office or hotel, etc I get good reliable connections to all of my cameras. But if I am on AT&T’s 4G or 5G network, I have consistent problems.

I believe the issue is related to the use of IPv4 vs IPv6. The VAST majority of WiFi networks default to using IPv4, whereas AT&T’s cellular network uses IPv6. So this leads me to believe that anytime a mobile is using IPv6 for data connectivity, it will have issues connecting to Wyze cameras.

Data to support this theory:
My iPhone 14 Pro has 2 cellular plans (eSIMs) installed:

  1. AT&T eSIM for my personal service
  2. Business eSIM on my company’s MVNO network

AT&T’s network uses IPv6.
My company’s MVNO network uses IPv4 (for now).

When the iPhone is set to use AT&T’s network for cellular data, I have consistent issues connecting to my cameras.
When the iPhone is set to use my company’s MVNO network for cellular data, I have no issues connecting to my cameras.

And this is my workaround for accessing my cameras remotely. I have to go into the iPhone settings and change the data connection to use my company’s MVNO network temporarily just to check my cameras. A bit of a pain, but at least I am able to check my cameras when I need to. Others experiencing this issue VERY likely do not have the same ability. However, we will soon be switching to IPv6 so I am guessing this workaround has a limited viability.

WYZE: Can we please get an update on this issue? I love the Wyze cams but this is an ongoing issue that has me thinking about other camera solutions.

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