2.12 Beta App Update 7/19/2020


  • iOS: 2.12.25(3)
  • Android: 2.12.9

Currently We’re Working On:

  • Cam V2 constantly rebooting issue
  • Cameras (including Cam Plus firmware) connectivity issue
  • Pan Cam video dragging and pixelation issue
  • Pan Cam tracking function behaving differently than the 5.111 version issue
  • Pan Cam image flipped 180 with motion tracking enabled issue
  • Cameras not honoring set detection zone issue
  • Motion events randomly stop recording issue
  • Cameras gone offline and solid yellow light after an update issue

Thank you all for your support! After receiving a lot of great feedback, we’re currently investigating into the problems mentioned above, thank you!

We sincerely appreciate your support and help!


Thanks for the update! Hope to see some improvements soon :slight_smile: maybe person detection accuracy next? Having some false events with CamPlus and without.

Thanks for listening to us!!


I am noticing an issue this morning where the camera that has CamPlus does not show a thumbnail but all my other cameras without it do. @TinaC s there a fix for this?