Can’t connect to any camera on LTE; visible thru Wi-Fi only

none of the cameras I own (V2, V3 , Pan) will get past the message “connecting camera 1/3” when I’m away from home on cellular LTE, however On Wi-Fi at home everything connects.

I’ve tried unplugging for 30 seconds, and that doesn’t work, is there maybe some network problem or a possible bug in the firmware? I have around 8 cameras that all do this consistently.

I have a few Wyze outlets that I can turn on and off through cellular but only the cameras won’t connect. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!

You’re going to want to turn off any fancier firewalling and traffic management / QoS at your router - these almost always make things worse. It sounds as if your router is somehow blocking the P2P sessions required for this to work. Also avoid IP6 if possible.

The good news is you should be able to test at home just by temporarily turning off WiFi on your phone.

Maybe you should read this entire old post about IPV 4 and IPV 6 settings on your phone>

I have iPhone/Verizon. Settings>Cellular : Is WYZE turned on on your phone?

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This issue actually started recently within the last maybe 3-6 months, I know on an earlier firmware version I didn’t have this issue. I am able to control my outlets through cellular just fine. I checked the iPhone settings and wyze is enabled for cellular, I haven’t altered the settings or firmware of the router in a long time so I’m not sure it’s a network issue on my end but I’d be happy to be proven wrong. I’ll read that thread