Can’t connect to outdoor cam on LTE

WiFi connection works great at home but I can’t view live feed on LTE. I have Verizon and using iPhone 11. Very frustrating.

I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing this. I’m using the Wyze app for Android and I can view the live feed when I’m on the same WiFi network as the cam, but I cannot view the cam feed when I’m on my Verizon LTE network either. I’ve updated the firmware on the cam and base station, and I’ve rebooted the cam, as well as rebooted my phone and closed and reopened the Wyze app. It just goes through the 3 authentication/connection stages repeatedly because it fails to connect. Does anyone know if there are certain ports we need to open on our router/firewall to get this to work? I can’t find an article about this anywhere.

If you figure it out please pass along any fix info.
I experience the same problem on I phone 6/AT&T provider

is this only the outdoor cam for all three of you?


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I have 4 outdoor cams.

Yes, this is for the Outdoor Cam for me.

Okay, at some point I’m going to get into my router to see if it has any logging so maybe it can tell me what IP and port requests from the Wyze servers on the Internet it’s blocking. If I find anything I’ll let you know.

I had my IT guy come out and look into this…All ports were open and they couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I called into customer support and WYZE indicated this is a known issue and were working on it. I need my cameras to work property, please keep me posted.

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I have 3 outdoor cams

that is news to me, thank you for posting back and letting others know.

I will be looking at mine when I get home.

thx dave when you hear of a fix post it please

So I got off duty and checked my outdoor camera and I’m able to connect using LTE… I wonder what the actual issue is. I’m not seeing an issue at all

Was this ever resolved? I have an Android and do not have this problem, however my fiance has an iPhone a d can connect when on our wifi but not when on mobile network. Not even able to login when on mobile, getting a “Problem connecting to server” error.